In This Guide You'll Learn The Secrets To The Perfect Golf Swing:


 Would you like to know the secrets of the perfect golf swing? 

And would you like to know them from the man golf insiders and long-time golf pros consider as the “greatest ball-striker” to ever play the game? 

If so, then you’re in for a real treat. Because in this guide, I’ll reveal this secret… along with… how you can start using it immediately to crush longer drives, hit the ball with repeatable accuracy from the tee box and anywhere on the course… and… finally enjoy the game without all the frustration. 

So let’s start at the beginning. In this chapter I’ll show you the “one mistake” ruining your golf game and just how simple it is to correct. 

Once you stop making this swing mistake, you’re on your way to playing the best golf of your life. 

Hi, my name is Todd Graves. 

I’ve been playing golf since I can remember. 

Before starting my professional golf career, I helped coach the University of Oklahoma golf team to a National Championship back in 1989. 

In 1991, I began playing on the Canadian and U.S. PGA tours and the Asian Tour. 

After coaching more than 53,790 golfers of all ages and athletic abilities at the Graves Golf Academy (which I’ve run since 2000 with my brother Tim who is a PGA pro with numerous course records and tournament wins)… I came to this conclusion… 

Conventional Golf Instructors Are “Brainwashing” People Into Using An Unnatural Golf Swing That Doesn’t Work

 The results are pathetic to say the least. 

Consider the following facts… 

FACT: More than a million golfers quit the game every year, swearing they’ll never pick up a club again! (And the two biggest reasons are excessive pain and injuries… and… frustration over a game that hasn’t gotten better in years!

FACT: Over the past 50-plus years, golf scores in this country have not improved one bit! (According to industry statistics, the average male golfer still shoots a laughable 97 – that’s 25 over par!) 

FACT: According to the United States Golf Association, most golfers reach their potential after only three years of playing! (Then they spend the rest of their playing days injured and/or desperate to improve a game that keeps tanking.) 

You gotta ask yourself “Why?” 

If conventional golf instruction is correct then… 

Why do millions of golfers quit playing every year in droves? 

Why do so many recreational and competitive golfers injure themselves and suffer from constant nagging low back, elbow, hip, knee and shoulder pain? 

Why haven’t golf scores plummeted after a half-century… and… millions of dollars spent every year on country club dues, magazine subscriptions, books, “fancy-schmancy” equipment, and ultra-pricey golf instruction? 

In order to answer these questions, you must first know the answer to THIS question… 

“What Is The Least Complicated Way To Hit A Ball On The Ground With A Stick?”

 After all, golf is all about KNOWING how to hit a ball on the ground with a stick. Right? I mean that’s what we do. We hit a ball on the ground with a stick. 

So unless you know the least complicated way to accomplish this basic goal of golf… you are in trouble, my friend.

And just so you know… the answer to the question above is NOT some sort of “trick” or swing “fix.” The answer comes down to basic proper biomechanics. 

Now look, I’m going to make a couple of shocking statements… 

Shocking Statement #1: Almost no one teaching the game of golf knows (I mean really knows!) the answer to that question. Which means, 99.999% of golf instructors Do NOT know how to swing a golf club with proper biomechanical precision themselves. Therefore, they can NOT teach it to other golfers no matter what they try to tell you. 

If they knew how to swing a golf club with proper biomechanics… and… if they knew how to teach the proper swing… then… 

Golfers in general would be playing better golf… without injuries and pain… and enjoying lower scores round after round. 

But, as you’ve seen, that just isn’t the case. 

The opposite is true. Which leads me to… 

Shocking Statement #2: You probably have no idea how to swing a club properly… because if you’re like most golfers… you’ve gotten instruction from teachers who themselves have no clue how to swing a club properly. 

That’s why golfers at every level (yes… even some high-ranking amateurs and even the pros) struggle like hell. 

The only difference between the pros and regular golfers is this… 

The pros possess above-average athletic ability… which… allows them to play “well” despite using less-than-perfect swing mechanics. They possess natural, above-average muscle control, hand-eye coordination and timing. 

Sure you can “train” those things and improve them to some degree. But, just like someone born with natural speed… who can outrun everyone else without any training… the pros were born with these abilities. 

You’ll never outrun the fastest man in the world. He was born that way. And you’ll never out-hit the best PGA pro because he was born that way too. 

The pros (most of whom suffer from improper swing mechanics also) use their natural ability to compensate for their improper mechanics… and still nail gorgeous shots. 

That’s why looking at what the pros do… and… trying to model their swing is a total waste of time and effort for the average golfer. Heck, it’s a total waste of time and effort even for up-and-coming amateurs and pros looking to get better. 

Because you’d be modeling a swing that lacks proper mechanics. And the only way to make up for those mistakes is with natural athletic ability that you probably were not born with anyway. 

Unless you’re a “natural”… which is probably less than 2% of the population… then learning how to swing the club properly is the only way to… 

  • begin creaming the ball a "country mile" with your driver or irons... 
  • place each shot dead-center down the fairway and greens... and… 
  • enjoy the kind of consistent play most pros can't brag about! 

Not copying the pros. But actually learning the correct way… the most uncomplicated way… to swing a club to begin with. 

However, in order for that to happen, you have to learn the proper swing from someone who actually knows how to perform AND teach it themselves. 

After playing golf for decades… after playing at the highest echelons of the competitive golf world… I have found only one man who KNEW the answer to the question above beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

He was the only golfer who developed the least complicated swing. 

Before meeting him, I hired the best instructors on the planet including: Hank Haney… Mac O’Grady… and David Ledbetter to help me improve my pro-level swing. I spent a small fortune with these guys… and… while I learned a lot…you know what? 

They came close to knowing the answer… but… no cigar. 

If the best golf instructors in the world don’t know… then… who does? 

I’ll tell you who. 

It’s the guy Golf World referred to as… 

“The Best Ball-Striker You’ve Never Heard Of.”  

 Golf Magazine called him… “The Mysterious Genius Of Golf.” 

Top PGA pros like Ben Crenshaw, Nick Faldo, Nick Price and Fred Couples were in awe of his ability to hit the ball long and straight. 

Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Lee Trevino admitted this guy was only one of two players (ever) to truly own his swing… was the best… incredible… a legend with the professionals… a genius when it comes to playing the game of golf. 


Over the course of five years (between the ages of 14 to 19) this “golf-savant” taught himself… 

The Easiest Way To Hit A Golf Ball... PERIOD! 

Which reminds me of a true story I heard about him… 

He was hitting balls at the Titleist ball-testing facility. 

The facility is used by Tour pros and other elite golfers to hit balls and test spin and speed rates. Players can then adjust their swings and equipment. 

He takes a crack at one ball. Then another. After the second shot the technician leaves the room. She returns in a few minutes with two Titleist executives. 

She asks him, "Did you know that you are the only person to ever hit two balls in a row with absolutely no sidespin?” 


Because the only way… the ONLY way… you can hit a ball with no sidespin is to hit it perfectly. To hit it right on the sweet spot of the club and the ball. To hit it with unbelievable control. 

He used perfect swing mechanics resulting in optimum ball flight. By the way, a ball with zero side spin will always fly maximum distance. 

In other words… this guy really knows the secret to the perfect golf swing… because… he himself could actually do it. Not talk about it. Not write about it. Not be a pretend expert. But actually do it. He could. He did. And I know his secret.

 In the next chapter, I’ll tell you all about him and the swing he calls “The Feeling of Greatness.” 

For now, let’s get back on track and talk about… 

The “One Mistake” Ruining Your Golf Game  

 Pay close attention to what I’m about to show you next… 

If the secret to the perfect golf swing boils down to knowing the least complicated way to hit a ball on the ground with a stick… 


If golfers have been struggling with dismal results for the past 50 years… 


We can safely assume conventional golf swing instruction misses the mark by a long shot. I’ll go out on a limb here and just say this… 

Conventional swing methods are the reason your game stinks to high Heaven. 

The “One Mistake” behind it all is you're taught to address the ball with arms hanging straight down below the shoulders. This position creates a two plane effect. So what?  


 As you can see, the two plane effect is the whole problem. 

Because the swing starts at one point and ends up who knows where. 

This is what's killing your golf game. 

The conventional two-plane swing (the “hanging arms” position at address) causes the following distance-draining problems: 

  • requires more moving parts to get from one plane to the impact plane… 
  • increases the upward motion of the spine in order to make contact... 
  • causes additional and unnecessary tension in the body…. 
  • causes unnatural wear and tear of joints, muscles and connective tissue… 
  • increases stress on the spine from extra compression... and... 
  • increases body movement to get club back on plane before impact. 

Think about it: With the conventional swing, you start the swing motion on one plane. 

But then... when you return the club back towards the ball... you're on another plane altogether. 

Doing this totally complicates the swing motion. That’s the opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish. We want the least complicated way to hit a ball on the ground with a stick. Right? 

Regular golfers simply can't tolerate all the extra movement during the swing. 

The Result Is "Consistent Inconsistency” 

The complicated mechanics of the conventional swing takes timing, skill, razor-sharp coordination and pro-level athleticism. 

And it takes a toll on your back, elbows and body. Now you know why you can't hit the ball straight with any consistency. It’s just too damn hard. 

All of that is unnecessary anyway if you “uncomplicated” the swing motion. How? 

Simply by starting the swing at the point of impact. 

Start where you finish and you simplify the swing right from the get-go. 

Here’s the great part: The proper swing motion does not require you to be a young stud. 

No need for super-human athleticism. No need for sniper-like hand/eye coordination. The man who developed this swing was at least 25 to 30 pounds overweight for a good part of his career. This is perfect for young or old golfers. Anyone in shape or out of shape. Male or female. Makes no difference. 

I’ll show you how it’s done in the next chapter. 

For now, do yourself a big favor. Get in front of a mirror and go through the paces of your regular conventional swing. Notice how… just like in the video you saw… when you address the ball conventionally with arms hanging below the shoulders… your swing starts on one plane and ends up on another. 

Notice how you have to force the body to force the club back on the plane where the ball is in order to hit it. Notice all the wasted movement. 

Notice how you crimp the back during this unnatural motion. 

Notice the added stress on the spine, hips and knees. 

This is why you can’t hit the ball straight. 

This is why you can’t place your shots with any degree of accuracy. 

This is why the power in your body gets wasted and your drives don’t go nearly as far as they should. 

See How Golfers Who Discovered The Least Complicated Way To Hit A Golf Ball Improved Their Game 

 Like for instance Roger Duarte from Texas who said… 

“Then during my first round I could not believe the improvement in direction and distance. Most of my drives were straight and roughly 225 to 250 yards long. Not too bad for a 72 year old man. My irons were equally good.” 

Or Denise Whitehead from France who said… 

"I am 70 years of age… I can say without hesitation it not only works, but makes a lot of good sense. I recommend it to all golfers, and it is a boost to we senior golfers when age causes some flexibility issues… Believe me bunkers, water hazards, and rough etc are no longer an issue. Arrow straight shots, and with distance and control.” 

Or Doug Allston who told me… 

“I started playing at age 54 and after 5 years of conventional golf my handicap was 19-21 with a big slice. I wanted to get better. [Now] my handicap runs 6-8 and I have been the club champion 7 out of the last 10 years of my retirement community. It has also helped my back and left knee.” 

Then there’s Ron Kolbu’s story. This guy slashed 17 strokes clean off his score and practically eliminated the excruciating pain his back was in due to using a conventional swing. I’ll tell you his story in my next chapter too. It’s a doozie! 

That’s what happens when you stop making the “one mistake”… 

That’s what happens when you discover the least complicated way to hit a golf ball… 

That’s what happens when you know… 

The Simple Swing Secrets Of Golf’s Greatest Ball-Striker … which, incidentally, is what I’ll cover in the next chapter... 

The Secrets of The Perfect "Pain-Free" Golf Swing...

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