Discover How Paying Attention to the Little Things Will Help You Master the Single Plane Swing

If you desire to be better than average, you must commit to developing your golf swing with sound fundamentals and to pay attention to minor details.

“If you haven’t got a great address position, you haven’t got anything.”

Are you a frustrated golfer?  Not enjoying the game?

Are you ready to quit?

Don’t….here’s the solution!

It’s time to focus on the little things in the proper order because they add up to a great golf swing.

By starting at address and staying disciplined with practice and feedback tools, you will begin to experience the effects of how proper fundamentals build upon each other- like dominoes.

When your swing mechanics are sound, things fall into place easily and each movement builds upon the next one. As your swing improves and becomes more pure, you move with less effort and speed comes more easily. You become more efficient.

This is the Domino Effect.

Moe Norman and Todd Graves working on the importance of the proper address position

“Making the assumption that if I could move like Moe in every aspect, I would get Moe-like results, I made a point to study his swing in every detail so I could copy it for myself.” – Todd Graves

My wife and most of my friends would laugh at this statement coming from me. Notorious for skipping minutiae and attempting leap straight to the solution, I am the one who starts assembling the furniture without reading the instructions often resulting in a few extras when I’m done. Not following the directions in the proper order, I sometimes have to completely take the furniture apart and start over.

This is the same problem I see with golfers and I can assure you that hitting a golf ball is much more difficult than assembling a piece of furniture. Because golf requires multiple movements of your body, if you fail to master the fundamentals in the beginning you will spend years of repeating bad habits and create a golf swing that doesn’t work as efficiently as it could.

What exactly is efficiency?

Let’s go back to my example of assembling furniture. Recently, I was constructing six chairs for a dining room table. Against my nature, I read the directions placing the pieces of the chair in the correct order, laying out the screws in the proper placements. I followed the instructions precisely and to my amazement, the chair fit together perfectly. I did the same thing on the second chair. On the third, fourth and fifth chair I no longer needed the directions and finally, on the sixth chair I was able to put the sixth chair together in 1/3 the time it took me to build the first of chair.

When it comes to golf, efficiency is the result of finding the sweet spot of ideal body mechanics.  Combine efficiency with lots of repetition and you become great. So let’s help get you started down that path. 

The Domino Effect: Back To Basics

We created The Domino Effect as a workshop and it was so successful that we had to produce a DVD so you can watch it over and over to work on the little things that could be holding you back from the results you are looking for.

We released the online workshop at $197, and we are going to be selling this DVD set for $97, but during this sale, you can get your copy for ONLY $77. Click below to order today or keep reading to learn more!

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What’s Inside The Domino Effect DVD?

Disc 1: Address to Backswing

Whether it’s a trail hand position too far on top or the shoulders too closed, Golfers struggle because they have a flawed starting position at address and they try movements in their swings to make up for the errors.

During Disc 1, you will learn about how the proper grip and address position is critical to the start of the swing. We will cover the first move to the top of the backswing.

Disc 2: Downswing to Finish

Buckle, Sit, Slide, Bump. This is how Moe explained his lower body movement.  This is where many students have their problems and don’t even know it.  

During Disc 2, you will learn more about how the transition from the top of the backswing through impact and follow through to finish only works correct if the dominos before are performed properly.

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