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Moe Norman’s self-taught single plane golf swing was called weird, unorthodox, different, but it was highly efficient, amazingly exact and freakishly accurate.

Among his many victories are two Canadian Amateurs, two CPGA Championships and five CPGA Senior Championships along with multiple victories in the Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Opens.

  • 3 Sanctioned 59’s
  • 17 Hole-in-one’s
  • 9 Double-Eagles
  • check
    Won over 50 Tournaments
  • check
    Set over 30 Course Records

“Only two players have ever truly owned their swings – Moe Norman and Ben Hogan.I want to own mine.”

- Tiger Woods

"My Coach, John Redman, saw Moe walking towards us one day in college, and said, ‘Boys, here comes the greatest ball striker who ever lived.’ I thought, ‘Yeah right. Who does he think he’s kidding?’ This guy was dressed in a black turtleneck, long dark pants, and it’s 120 degrees. Well, Moe came up and started ripping drivers right off the ground–dead straight at the 250-yard marker. He probably hit 50 balls and never moved them more than 10 yards either way. It was Unbelievable."

- Paul Azinger, PGA Tour player,
former PGA Championship winner

"Moe always made being on the range a big event. As a player, that’s one of the things you looked forward to when you came to the Canadian Open each year. All of us used to hang around on Tuesday and Wednesday just waiting for Moe to show up. It was amazing to listen to the knowledge he had about the game. But even more amazing was his ability to strike the ball."

- Tom Lehman,
2006 U.S. Ryder Cup captain

“You know what’s most amazing about Moe? This man never won a U.S. Open, never won on the PGA Tour and barely had a pro career outside of Canada. But you’re talking about someone known around the world in every country golf is played. That made Moe a very rich man in my eyes.”

- Lee Trevino,
Champions Tour player


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