Moe in an interview with Peter Fox about his unfamiliar popularity and 1995 induction into the hall of fame:

Moe: … Everything is happening now.  Why didn’t it happen when I was forty-five.  What a nice feeling to walk up to the first tee and hear:  ‘Here comes the Hall of Famer.’

I would want to show you why I was put in the Hall of Fame.  Shoot a 62 shoot a 31, 31.  They recognize me now, when I don’t play anymore.  I just do clinics, like you saw today.

Q:  You enjoy doing those clinics, don’t you?

Moe:  Oh, yes. Yes.  ‘Cause this needs to be passed on to future generations.  I’m realizing that now. The world is finally realizing I’ve got the best move by far, ever in golf.

I’m the only person with a 365 days a year swing.  Everybody else is 300.  The other 65 days its’ the army song:  left, right, left right.  Mine is straight down the middle.


Moe sitting with Peter Fox during his interview

1-21-17 A short letter by Todd Graves:

What did Moe mean by a “365 days a year swing?”

Yes, I believe that Moe does have the best move in golf. I’ve even proven it with science.

Moe’s swing is more consistent because it is easier on the body. Not because it has less moving parts but because Moe’s parts move less.

But having a swing that works every day doesn’t happen by chance. Even Moe said he had to work at it.

Without a teacher, Moe had to discover his perfect Single Plane Swing. The smart thin I did was to copy Moe’s swing and by having Moe as model – simply practice in effective ways to achieve the Model.

The key is to work smart not hard. I found that you can shortcut improvement but you have focus and pay particular attention to the detail of Moe’s Swing. Taking nothing for granted, I developed ways to feel Moe’s swing.

I focused on Moe’s movements and positions. Here are other ways to work smart:

I focused on Moe’s movements and positions.
Here are other ways to work smart:

1) Master the address position including every detail of the grip and setup.

2) Study the positions of Moe’s swing in slow motion and in pieces. If you can’t do it slow, you won’t be able to do it full speed.

3) Small shots teach you about fuller shots. If you work on the wedge swings, it will flow into your longer faster swings.

4) Use tools to ensure ideal practice such as alignment aids and grip trainers. These tools teach you without thinking.

5) Develop your swing in order starting small – from address, next backswing, then transition and then into the downswing, impact etc.

Moe left us a perfect model for developing the most consistent golf swing. If you pay attention and model his mechanics, you can shortcut the process to your own 365 day swing.

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Todd Graves
Founder, Graves Golf Academy