Every Sand Wedge Checkpoint You Need…

Now, You Can Own The First-Ever Tool To Confidently Get The The Ball Up & Out Of The Bunker Every Single Time – GUARANTEED!


Introducing the Single Plane Bunker Board Trainer…

The revolutionary brainchild of PGA Professional Tim Graves
After years of requests, this iconic training aid can now be yours!

It’s the first training aid of it’s kind that will help get your ball out of the bunker more consistently & competently in every situation!

You’re getting one of (if not THE) most innovative and EFFECTIVE training aids ever created… (Single Plane or elsewhere!)

You now can systematically “spot check” every position before and after your swing. The GGA Bunker Board allows you to easily select HIGHER or LOWER loft shots depending on the bunker you’re in.

With LEFT and RIGHT handed versions available, every Single Plane student can now get out of the bunker cleanly every time.

This idiot-proof tool puts you in the ideal position and swing path to get your ball UP and OUT of the bunker in the right direction every time – And it only takes a minute to do!

Quit wasting your time and energy getting frustrated every time your ball lands in the bunker. Despite what you might think now, this could be an EASY shot IF you have the right tool…

Finish watching the video on this page and you will discover EXACTLY why this tool is truly a GAME CHANGER.

With the Single Plane Bunker Board Trainer you go from “hoping and praying” to knowing and feeling – EXACTLY the right position and swing path for every bunker shot – GUARANTEED!

With the easy-to-use layout and simple instructions, the bunker board will ‘force’ you to be a sand wizard after just a few swings…

The New GGA Bunker Board Trainer:

  • Right and Left Handed Versions
  • “Target” – A line of where you’re hitting
  • “L & H” – Low and High Feet Position
  • “BP” – Where the ball is placed
  • “EN” – Where the club will enter the sand
  • “EX” – Where the club will exit the sand
  • “Swing Path” – The angle of the path you’re going to hit the ball

Literally EVERYTHING you need to hit a perfect bunker shot!

We wanted to create a bullet-proof way to get your sand wedge hitting the ball where you want it to go on a consistent basis – Just Like Moe!

And because I KNOW this training aid works, I’m going to guarantee that it is going to work for YOU.

This amazing, Single Plane Bunker Board is totally brand new and we only have 500 available…

BUT in true GGA fashion… I’m offering YOU, our loyal Single Plane Students and beloved followers in on a very special new product launch deal…

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NOTE: We have limited quantity of these Single Plane Bunker Board Trainers, this sale will end when inventory runs out