FINALLY -- Develop a complete golf game, conquer any course from tee to green scratch golf or better faster than you ever thought possible!

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Presenting the... Complete Golfer Home Study Course. Now... at last... beat the game and have fun doing it with...

  • 8 step-by-step online video instructional sessions with Todd and Tim Graves covering every facet of the game (over 7-hours of score-slashing excitement...) 
  • The Complete Golfer User's Manual -- your personal reference roadmap designed to catapult your progress as a Single Plane Golfer...
  • Homework assignments meant to drive home the video instruction and help you make marked improvement in less time...

Take a look at a small (very small) portion of the power-packed secrets in this program:

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Let's face it, the majority of golfers start trying to improve by working on their swing. The problem is they don't have their head in the right place to begin with. And they suffer the consequences.

In Session #1, we start with the mental game. Because... once your head is in the right place... the physical side of the game is much easier to tame.

You'll discover:

  • A "super-silly" (but simple-to-cure) mistake 90% of amateurs make that kills the swing before the club is picked up! (Fix this before even thinking about hitting the links again... and chances are... your swing will improve immediately.)
  • Fool your brain into feeling what it's like to perform the perfect swing time after time. (From now on, you too will own the "Feeling of Greatness" swing Moe Norman mastered!) 
  • "Thought-Replacement Therapy" (TRT) for golfers sick and tired of getting pushed around by their Negative Nancy mind. Drain your brain of the power-robbing "gutter thoughts" that force you to second guess every facet of the game... and... replace them with success-fueled feelings that lead victory.
  • "Jedi" mind games top golfers play to infuse every cell in their bodies with a silky smooth swing motion... without... picking up a club. Finally connect the mental and physical side of the game together for crisp clean power shots sure to leave anyone watching speechless.
  • Swindle the Swing: The secret to locking into a pure and flowing swing path with an easy and effortless motion that is simple to repeat. Slogging away on the range is absolutely useless unless... and until... you do this first.
  • How scratch golfers gauge and track progress for non-stop improvement to the next level and far beyond! Cruise past plateaus, overcome obstacles and fast-track to playing par golf or better.
  • Why breaking bad habits is an impossible task... and... what to focus on instead to ingrain new skills into your stubborn subconscious mind and muscle memory.
  • How to prevent old swing habits from creeping back!
  • Moe's priceless advice to golfers who hit a bad shot... and... refuse to make the same mistake again!
  • The #1 reason older golfers fail to make swing changes that last! (If you beat this quirk of human nature [easy when you know how]... then... you've got a real shot at scratch golf!)
  • The four parts of developing a jaw-dropping power swing... and... the exact order in which to train. ("Eager-Beaver" hackers mess up the order and pay a hefty price at the tee box.)
  • A brain baffling optical illusion that tricks the mind into "thinking" certain parts of your swing are off when they're not... and... vice versa! (If this issue is not addressed might as well kiss your golf game goodbye. But don't worry! Tim and I show you two ways to objectively look at and improve every part of your swing.)
  • Why pounding balls all day from sun-up to sun-down will get you nowhere fast! (The pros don't smack the stuffing out of balls all the live-long day... and... neither should you. Here's a faster and easier way to a stunningly-gorgeous swing sure to make your golf buddies gasp.)

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The full swing is absolutely critical to your game.

After all, if you can't hit the ball off the tee with power and precision then you might as well forget it. That's why we spend an entire session on Single Plane Swing basics.

Not only that... but... I also reveal secrets to a beauty swing no one but GGA students will ever know.

For example:

  • Missle-launch swing secrets Moe never shared with anyone but me. Now I'll reveal these maximum distance insights into a powerful solid-straight swing you can repeat over and over again! 
  • A detailed step-by-step visual guide of all the proper movements of the single plane swing. (Consider this a "Swing Motion Checklist" designed to help you outdrive and outstrike anyone who dares play against you.) 
  • Simple grip adjustments for total control over drives and other long shots! (Save a fortune on lessons trying to fix this problem by modeling the most natural way to hold a club for power-striking success.) 
  • Command any club in your bag to hit the ball dead-straight on target with the least amount of motion humanly possible. (You'll finally feel what it's like to repeat a swing that lets you smack the ball solid like a grizzled pro.) 
  • Cure your "over-the-top" swing path problems once and for all. (No more slicing when you discover the common cause of this dreaded swing fault that robs you of accuracy and distance before the clubhead reaches the ball.) 
  • Watch as Moe demonstrates the "easy-as-pie" five single plane fundamentals to a "smooth-as-silk" swing you can always count on. 
  • 6 simple positions of a straight-as-an-arrow single plane swing! (From now on, you'll enjoy the same precision/power advantage as the best ball-strikers in the world.) 
  • Super-Accurate Power Shots: How to keep the club on plane (from backswing to through-swing) for unbelievable repeatable consistency and huge drives that will make you smile from ear-to-ear. 
  • The only two "absolutes" of a dynamic potent golf swing! (So important even conventional golfers follow these "swing laws" religiously every time they step up to the ball.) 
  • How to generate maximum velocity during the downswing! (Hint: Only the "claw" speeds up the swing for crushing shots that put everyone in your foursome on notice!) 
  • The number one "power leak" in your stroke... and... how the Unified Hand Theory instantly loads your swing with so much natural power the ball has no choice but to fly the length of the fairway! 
  • Instant Feedback Tricks: One device lets you make quick corrections on the fly... and... the other is like having a personal golf coach without paying through the nose! 
  • Ball-flight physics for golfers who want their swing to look and feel effortless! (Did you know 75% of what happens to a golf ball is based on ONE single factor? Simply becoming aware of this can turn you into a sharp-shooter on any course.) 
  • The Perfect Address! Everything from ideal stance, club and ball position... to shoulder and spine tilt... to distance from the ball so you nail the club's "sweetspot" dead center every time.
  • The "back-breaking" blunder that causes more unnecessary low-back injuries than anything else! (Don't do this anymore and you'll feel instant pain relief.)
  • The only two types of golf training proven to slash strokes from your score! (And which one gets you to scratch golf or better. Again, most golfers get this soooo wrong... which is why... so few play anywhere near their true potential.)
  • The 7-second adjustment at address that fixes swing flaws before they happen!
  • 2 parts of the golf swing amateurs mess up the most and cost themselves dearly! (In fact, Tim and I make more money re-teaching these two fundamentals than anything else!)

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In the first few minutes of this session, you'll see a quick tribute to Moe.

The clip reveals how Moe defied "dignified" golf tradition with his pipeline swing... Moe's mental secrets for dominating any course... and...

Why Moe left in the middle of playing the 1956 Masters... and... how the backlash crushed his sensitive spirit and caused him to never play in a U.S. PGA tournament for the rest of his illustrious (but unheralded) pro career.

The rest of the session focuses on how to putt like a pro.

My brother, Tim Graves, covers:

  • The secrets of consistent low scoring! (How to score closer and closer to par... even if... your long game sucks and hitting the green in regulation is just a pipe dream right now!) 
  • The exact number of average putts per round for a scratch golfer... a 10-handicap... 20-handicap... and 30-handicap! (Proof the ability to putt is not only more important than impressive tee shots... but... is the key to winning at golf!) 
  • How many times per round does the average pro 3-putt? The answer will absolutely shock you... but... now you'll know what to shoot for if you crave respect from other golfers. 
  • How to build a power-packed "rocket launcher" full swing... on the putting green! 
  • The fastest way to destroy your golf game... guaranteed! 
  • Precision putting secrets for sinking those impossible putts every one else has no choice but to miss! (Drain more putts in less strokes from now on.) 
  • The optical illusion high-handicappers cause when setting up over the ball. Throws their putting stroke completely off line! (If they closed their eyes they'd have a better chance of making it in the cup!) 
  • Which part of your body should move during a putting stroke? (Not knowing the answer is another reason high-handicappers don't have a snowball's chance in hell of draining even "gimme" shots.) 
  • The "Shadow Drill." If you're ready to become a SCORING STUD then practice this drill every chance you get... and especially... when the sun is out! 
  • How to eliminate needless movement in your putting stroke by watching pigeons walk! (I know it "sounds" crazy... but... it works!) 
  • Where to place the ball and how to "catch" it with the putter face just right to stop three-putting and turn yourself into a scoring machine! (Your confidence will soar as every putt is now a piece of cake.) 
  • Why 100% of golf pros use a different putter grip than full swing grip! (Guessing here is a huge mistake that'll mess up your swing motion big time.) 
  • How to play imperfect and uneven greens as if they were flat, level and smooth as ice! 
  • 3 "must-have" tools for your putting drill kit... and... how to use these tools to check your putting set-up! Plus... what 99% of untrained golfers do to prevent a square putter face at set up and impact! 
  • What the "Tiger Check" is and how it steers the ball into the cup like a guided missile... so... you par or birdie every hole like a pro! 
  • A big putting mistake taught by conventional instructors that causes you to cast during the full swing! (No wonder the USGA reports 1971 was the last year the overall handicap of the average golfer dropped!) 
  • An insider trade secret of PGA pros that dramatically improves your putting ability! 
  • How to drop 5 to 10 shots off your game immediately!

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How and what you practice ultimately determines your success.

Which is why, Session #4 is devoted to golf drills and practicing with purpose. You'll find out how the pros develop the instincts needed to play at their best. And it doesn't happen during tournament play, either.

Getting the "feel" of the game occurs during proper practice. The best part is you don't need a lot of practice to play better. But you do need the right kind of practice.

This session reveals:

  • Slay The Swing! Overcome the biggest problem today in learning how to play great golf! New method allows golfers (especially those too "old" or stubborn to learn anything new) to short-cut the time and effort it takes to swing like Moe by... at least... 65% or more! 
  • Club-free swing drill unlocks the scary sharp-shooter accuracy and mega-distance lurking in your driver! (Go to your local hardware store. Buy this piece of plastic. And you're ready to force-feed Moe-like swing mechanics into every cell of your body!) 
  • Practice these 7 single plane swing positions and 6 simple movements to master all the clubs in your bag! (Best way... hands down... for stiff, stuck and out-of-luck golfers to develop a youthful, flowing and balanced swing motion that'll compel "Young Turks" half your age to do a double-take!) 
  • Do you make THIS mistake during swing practice? If so... you're dead in the water. Here's the REAL secret to nailing-down each part of the single plane swing. So embarrassingly simple you'll smack yourself in the head for not figuring it out sooner! 
  • How to kick the mind out of your practice sessions! Absolutely critical to stop "over-thinking" and start tearing the cover off the ball instead... while at the same time... shredding your score to par or better! 
  • The KEY drill to "program" your brain and body with the "feel" of a picture-perfect deadly swing! (Worth the entire price of admission. I guarantee it!) 
  • Boost your retention of single plane fundamentals by keeping this one thing in mind at all times! (Soon Moe's swing will become second-nature to you!) 
  • Why swing training is much like putting a puzzle together... and... why you MUST understand each piece of the "swing puzzle" before you can start killing the ball while still keeping it in play! 
  • The only... and BEST... way to conquer all the parts of the single plane swing! (If you're not using both of these devices... then... I'm afraid... your swing will always "suck!") 
  • How to stop "casting" the wrists... and... create super-sonic clubhead speed, peak leverage at the point of impact, and smashing shots from here on out! 
  • The "magic move" -- made famous by the King of Rock 'N Roll, Elvis Presley -- for loading blistering mega-force power into the downswing for crushing impact! (Keeps you playing from the fairway instead of from under the trees, too.) 
  • Which swing position ALL great golfer nail down on every shot! 
  • Putting stance secrets you won't catch by watching pros play on TV! (Where to place your feet and how to stand over the ball to drain short and impossibly-long putts with ease!)

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Watch as questions come pouring in from fellow Single Plane golfers.

Tim and I take turns at clarifying both the basics... and the finer points... of a complete golf game you can count on. Not only do we answer questions... but... we also demonstrate our answers so you visually understand.

You'll know:

  • One tool to include in your training arsenal for harnessing pro-level distance and accuracy regardless of your age, size or strength!
  • 5 secrets of rock-solid balance to "juice" your swing with all the brute force needed for long, straight cup-seeking shots! 
  • "Waggle Secrets": How to achieve even "tight rope" balance and perfect spacing for a consistent swing motion you can easily repeat like clockwork! 
  • Why clutching the club... any club... with a "death-grip" stalls swing speed and robs you of the distance you rightfully deserve! (Not to mention shots begin shanking and you end up playing from under the trees.) 
  • The odd but true reason why golfers sometimes hit the ball better when injured than when healthy! (Same reason why some golfers labor during the first and last part of a practice session... but... breeze through the middle session like it was nothing!) 
  • Why "windmill" swings often lead to botched shots, short-hitting and an array of other problems! (And... how to maximize clubhead speed... while maintaining pinpoint accuracy... with a shorter "choppy" backswing! Older golfers who creak a bit too much will appreciate this secret to cracking the ball from tee to green without breaking your back in the process!)
  • What to work on first... before... practicing swing mechanics! 
  • A fun "grip-drill" for turning your hands into power-levers that explode the club through the ball. (You'll kill the ball with every strike and look good doing it too.) 
  • Your "Number One" most important purpose while practicing the golf swing!(Guessing here will murder your efforts during practice time. What I reveal is the secret Moe shared with me about developing a mechanically sound swing as fast as possible!) 
  • How to direct full swing shots so the ball lands exactly where you point! (Moe only shanked one ball out of bounds in 7 years. Now you'll discover his secret for repeatable "pipeline" accuracy.) 
  • How the spine should look at address to avoid embarrassing miss hits! 
  • Why calluses mean nothing when it comes to proper club grip! 
  • Mental Con Games: How the brain deceives golfers into adopting bad habits that become almost impossible to break!

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The short game is (by far) the fastest way to reach scratch golf levels.

The long game only gets you so far. If you want lower scores... then... you must become a skillful short game ace. The "money game" -- from 120 yards in -- is what separates great players from the masses. Pay close attention and do the drills in this session and you'll get there before you know it.

This session details:

  • Chip Shots Demystified: Nail down deadly-accurate shots around the green with the stroke-saving secrets in this golf lesson. 
  • How to achieve the correct ball flight/roll ratio when chipping to easily get out of nasty divots, thick rough, sand traps, marshy lies... or... any lie at all. (Watch your handicap drop like a lead balloon now!) 
  • How the proper pitching and chipping stroke super-charges your full swing... and... gives it a little extra "ooomph" to send the ball sailing down the center of the fairway! 
  • How scratch golfers save 5 to 7 shots per round... even if... their long game is a laughing-stock! 
  • Why and how the "multiple club approach" for chipping keeps you from losing strokes... so... you beat the course without breaking a sweat! 
  • The "chip-to-putt" secret for controlling each shot from the edge of the green to the edge of the cup. (No more watching in horror as the ball lands yards from the pin or skids past it to the other side of the green!) 
  • How to rescue your score with a smooth chipping motion that glides the ball within inches of the hole like butter on a hot skillet! (Your buddies' hearts will sink like stone when they see you pulling this off!) 
  • The right way to hold a club for stop-on-a-dime chip shots that'll make you scream with joy! (It's about time you started playing like a real golfer... and... now you'll get there pronto!) 
  • How to adjust your stance when chipping to automatically hit down on the ball... and... guarantee a one-putt finish! (Start shooting the lowest scores ever round after mind-blowing round as you finally raise your game to the pro level.) 
  • A 3-inch adjustment in your knees that prevents hitting "over-the-top" or coming across the body while you chip! (An immediate cure for the chip "yips". Yeah!) 
  • Where the club head must end up for a proper chip shot! (Hint: If your chip stroke resembles a dead-on put... it's wrong!) 
  • Not sure if you're looking at a pitch or chip shot? Here's how to decide and save yourself the embarrassment of picking the wrong club for the job!
  • The "fold-fold" arm motion you must make during a pitch shot to give the ball precise trajectory for beautiful arching flight and soft landing near "gimme" putting range! 
  • Why a short backswing on pitch shots is often a round-saver! (And... where to finish the swing for pinpoint pitch shots that hug the green for easy putts! You'll never bounce easy pitch shots into bunkers again!) 
  • How to stop pulling the ball right or left... and... why it's crucial to extend the hands down the line on all pitch shots you take! 
  • What Moe meant by "looking through the window" on a pitch shot! 
  • The ultimate fix for an ailing full swing! (I guarantee you'll fight me on this with every last breath in your body... but... if you follow this simple piece of advice... your full swing will be back with a vengeance very quickly!)

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As you can see, this program was set up as a series of progressions.

In Session #7, you are ready to discover the advanced secrets to Single Plane golf mastery. Tim and I cover the nuances of playing golf Moe's way. The closer your game gets to Moe's, the better you'll play and the more fun you'll have.

Here you'll find out:

  • The most important move in the single plane swing to blast the ball with unstoppable power for long accurate drives! (You'll clobber the ball... even when... your strength is sapped and your swing speed dips into the double-digits.) 
  • Damage Control: How to reverse the physical destruction caused by conventional swing mechanics! (Stop wrecking your body and never suffer another needless ache, pain or injury for as long as you play!)
  • How proper use of the lower body takes pressure off the back... and... siphons power trapped in your body straight to the club! 
  • The specific amount of time to spend each day practicing (at a minimum) to become a better golfer! (Does not require you to visit the range, either!) 
  • The best way to measure your single plane golf progress! (Are you getting better? Are you getting worse? Here's how to know for sure!)
  • How to release savage power at the point of impact! (The ball will "clinck" off the club head and zoom into the air like a jet-propelled rocket.)
  • How to load your downswing with dynamite during the transition. (The ball won't stand a chance as you pulverize it out of sight!)
  • The "magic" spine-shift move that triggers an avalanche of power during the backswing! (I'd say 97% of golfers screw this up and turn their driver into a limp noodle with no chance of walloping the ball anywhere near the green!)
  • How improper lower body torque bleeds the arms of strength and control before impact! (Now you know why club head speed "peters out" before you reach the ball.)
  • How to play the best golf of your life whether you sometimes suffer a stiff back, arthritis flare-ups, hobbled knees and sore muscles that seem to take forever to heal. (You'll find out how to play with any kind of minor injury or pain... without making it worse... so you don't skip rounds anymore!)
  • How to stop hitting those awful low shots bound to graze the grass and minimize distance off the tee! (Only one reason the ball flies low... and... when you fix it with this simple solution all your shots will fly sky-high!)
  • The worst practice habit high-handicappers develop... which... keeps 'em stuck in a rut with little to no improvement in their score!
  • How to get the most from this training program and make steady progress toward playing scratch golf from here on out!

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The right golf equipment makes a huge difference in how well you play.

No golf school would be complete without a detailed explanation of this topic. So in Session #8, we go over the essentials of club fitting... playing with the right clubs... grips and other golf gear secrets.

You'll discover:

  • Expert club fitting advice for golfers craving every advantage possible when hitting the links! (Don't even think of playing another round before making these crucial adjustments to your current set of clubs!) 
  • Quick adjustments you can make to any club in the bag to immediately improve how well you play! (Takes just a few minutes... but... the impact on your game is obvious from the first stroke.) 
  • Why resisting proper club fitting prevents you from swinging the club correctly! (Fact is, the most expensive clubs on the market are worthless if they don't suit your body just right!) 
  • How to figure out your exact measurements so the clubs fit you like a glove! (By the way, did you know if your club is too long alignment is automatically off? After you watch our presentation you won't be guessing any more!) 
  • A simple calculation to determine your personal swing speed per club! 
  • How to achieve the elusive "club-is-cutting-through-the-grass" feel all the pros duplicate on every swing but few amateurs ever experience! 
  • Another reason why so many recreational golfers get injured... and... how to prevent this from happening to you! (Hint: It sends "shockwaves" through the body and plays havoc with joints... but... is totally avoidable when you know how!) 
  • How the wrong size club can send the ball misfiring by 30 yards left or right! (Hooks and slices are often... more often than you think... the result of faulty equipment. Here's how to make damn sure your gear is not sabotaging your game.) 
  • Steel or Graphite? The answer guarantees you hit the ball longer, elude 80% of the shock generated at the point of impact and nail better bad shots while you're at it! 
  • How to control ball flight if you swing slower than a sleeping sloth! 
  • Why pro golfers on the Major Tours never use grips off the shelves... and... what they use instead! 
  • Two types of wedges to carry in your bag at all times! (Plus... why graphite wedges won't help you scoop the ball out of the bunker!)
  • Four factors to look at when choosing a driver for maximum distance, control and dead-on accuracy! (If any of these factors are off you don't stand a chance at the tee box.)
  • The #1 selling club golf companies pitch like crazy... and... why knowing this bit of trivia helps you assess who has your best interest at heart and who is just looking to make another buck off you!
  • What the phrase "adjust to perfect" means... and... why messing with your swing before making this critical adjustment first leaves you high and dry!
  • How current greens-keeping practices force you to play golf! (Today's greens require a certain game strategy I'll share with you to reach par or better.)

Each session ends with one or more "homework" assignments.

Honing golf skills comes down to proper practice.

These assignments ingrain the correct swing motion into your muscle memory and mind. As you practice, you'll perfect the body movement and dial-in a biomechanically gorgeous swing.  

HUGE BENEFIT: Watching the videos... in some ways... is even better than attending live. Because you can rewind and watch each segment and session over and over again.

As long as you stay a loyal Complete Golfer, you have access to the program for life!

Plus... you don't have to shell out thousands of dollars in travel fare, hotels, meals-on-the-road and time away from work and family. You're probably saving at least $1,000 to $2,000 in extra expenses alone!


The fully-illustrated 33-page User's Manual is the perfect compliment and reference to the more-than-7-hours of video golf instruction. I suggest you print it out and bring it with you while practicing.

  • Discover how to learn new golf skills more easily...
  • 5 factors for making changes that last a lifetime...
  • How to turn your desire to play better into reality faster...
  • The best way to develop and improve your golf skills...
  • The characteristics "perfect" golf students possess...
  • How to use Moe Norman as the perfect Single Plane Swing model...

The User's Manual also includes illustrations of all of the Single Plane Swing positions and movements... and... illustrations covering putting, chipping, pitching and club fitting.

This companion guide will speed up your progress on the links.

The value of this program is easily $1,250!

You also receive...

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Super Bonus #1:
$300 OFF on a GGA In-Person 3-Day Golf School

GGA golf schools are fast becoming world-renowned.

This is where you get hand's on instruction on Moe Norman's swing secrets.

For three days, join me and my Single Plane Swing pros during this revolutionary golf school. Consider it a full-immersion experience into Moe's "Feeling of Greatness" swing.

We cover everything from grip and address... to... impact and finish. By the time it ends, you'll know how to hit the ball like Moe. You'll dial-in the perfect Single Plane Swing... and... have jaws drop the next time you hit the links.

Instructors work with you personally. One-on-one they will guide you to experience what it's like to hit the ball with maximum power... straight-line accuracy... and the type of repeatable consistency you can count on.

I'll put $300* back in your pocket just for attending.

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$100 OFF on a 1-Day Single Plane Experience Camp

The one day camps are a fantastic way to tune up your Single Plane Swing.

I designed these events for either golfers new to Moe Norman's swing philosophy... or... golfers who want a refresher in Single Plane Swing mechanics.

You get hands-on feedback from GGA-trained coaches. You get insights into proper motion. You get instruction to help you hit crisp full swing shots from the tee box or the fairway. Many of our students added several dozen yards to their drives after attending.

Camps are held in several locations all over the U.S. all year long.

I'll shave $100 off the one you want to attend if you become a Complete Golfer today.

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That’s correct—you’ll get all the top-level, in-depth instruction you need to quickly have a better golf game.

You literally have access to almost every bit of training we’ve ever developed regarding the Single Plane Swing. Which makes the value of all this tour-level golf teaching virtually off the charts. 

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My team and I will personally provide content and communicate with Inner Circle members in this Facebook Group.

I left no stone unturned to help you get the most from the Complete Golfer Program.


The Complete Golfer Home Study Course (8 step-by step online videos with over 7 hours of score-slashing secrets and the User's Manual...)


Super Bonus #1:
$300 OFF* on a GGA In-Person 3-Day Golf School


Super Bonus #2:
$100 OFF* on a 1-Day Single Plane Experience Camp


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