What if we could fix ONE THING in your golf game over the next 30 days without leaving your living room?

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It’s your first hole on a sunny morning at your favorite course. You've been beating the heat by staying indoors this summer and haven't spent much time practicing.

You smash your drive straight down the fairway, get right on the green with your next two strokes, and then the nerves set in.

You proceed to botch what had been a promising hole by missing a 4 foot putt for par, killing your confidence before you even get to the second hole.

Hole after hole you strike the ball ok, but can't seem to make a putt to save your life.

It really doesn’t have to be this way.  

​If you want to save 5-10 strokes a round, keep reading...

Over 40% of strokes in a round of golf are made on the putting green.

When it comes to mastering your golf game, there is one indisputable truth: If you don’t use it, you lose it.

If you don't do anything you will not improve!

10% of Golfers who actually practice their short game while practicing indoors will improve verses the 90% who just put their clubs up.

If you want to quickly lower your scores and get closer to scratch golf, you have to take action and practice indoors. 

Even if you only work a few minutes each day on your putting for the next 30 days, you will reduce strokes on your next round.

So...how are you going to practice to do that?

With The Excalibur Putting Trainer...

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To get to where you can make 75% of your 3 to 5 foot putts and reduce up to 10 strokes a round, you need the right training tool to use all year long.

That's why Tim designed Excalibur...the Ultimate Indoor Putting Trainer to help you reduce strokes.

For years and years, Tim has tested dozens if not hundreds of putting training aids, taking notes about what works and what didn't.  That's how he created the most complete putting training aid on the market. 

Check out the features and benefits of the Excalibur Putting Trainer…

  • It helps you check your path, face and speed which are the main checkpoints of putting
  • Alignment aid lines to help you square the face of the putter and your path during the stroke
  • Wider base than other putting tools for increased stability while putting
  • You don't have to bend over to put the ball on Excalibur. You can rake it directly up with your putter and has turf to keep the ball in place
  • Bigger mirrors so you can see your eyes over the ball and a mirror for the follow through to make sure the putter face is still square
  • Markings on the mirror to measure your back stroke and follow through
  • Lips on the mirror to make sure you don't hit down on the ball
  • A level to make sure you are on a flat surface for setup either indoors or outdoors
  • Storage and Protection bag included

"If you want to break 100, this is the tool that will help you do it. Excalibur will help you drop 10 strokes a round without leaving your living room!" - Tim Graves, PGA

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