This is the next best thing to being at a Graves Golf School....Are you ready?


We hope you have been safe and healthy during this pandemic.  We continue to pray for all of you and your families throughout this time and thereafter.  

With our Master Instruction Team being home, it has allowed us time to produce more webinars, instructional content, and most importantly, coaching thousands of our Single Plane Academy Members online.  

It has been incredible to see the excitement of everyone being able to improve their golf games from home! Not to mention, we have been doing this for 20+ years.

What’s next on the agenda?

If you are currently registered for a upcoming Single Plane Experience (SPE) School or have a valid SPE Certificate - you get access to this for FREE! 

The Single Plane Experience School is typically in-person and is taught by our Certified Instructors that we have around the country (18+ locations to be exact throughout the year). 

In these Schools, we cover the core fundamentals of the Single Plane Swing & Short Game (putting, chipping, and pitching).  

That’s right….all aspects of the Single Plane Swing including grip & address, backswing positions, transition, impact, release, finish, & the DRIVER.  We will be going into detail on WHY we do everything that we do as well as - how to practice and check to make sure you are doing it all correct...just like we do at our in-person Experiences!  

This will also be recorded so you can watch it at any time starting May 4th.  We will have a LIVE Q&A SESSION on May 8th to answer any questions that come up for you while watching the Online Single Plane Experience School. The LIVE Q&A will also be recorded if you are not able to make the exact time.

SPE Online Homeschool Agenda

Introduction for the day, Expectations, Goal Setting

Putting Fundamentals
-- The WHYs behind the Putting Fundamentals
-- How to Practice Putting
-- How to Check your Putting

Chipping Fundamentals
-- The WHYs of how we Chip
-- How to Practice Chipping
-- How to Check your Chipping

Pitching Fundamentals
-- The WHYs of how we Pitch
-- How to Practice Pitching
-- How to Check your Pitching

Single Plane Swing
-- Grip & Address
-- Backswing Positions
-- The Transition
-- Impact
-- Release
-- The Finish

Driver Explanation/Demo

Drills, How to Practice, How to video your swing & Next Steps...

May 8th - Live Q&A Session with Master Instructor - Chandler Rusk and Single Plane Experience School Manager - Ross Smith

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Graves Golf SPE Locations

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