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We hope you have been staying healthy during this time of crisis in the world.  We are praying for all of you and your families to stay safe.  

Last April, we held out first ever Online Homeschool since Todd and Tim were both in Oklahoma City (which never happens) plus our entire instruction team, as the pandemic began. If you joined us, we hope you have enjoyed it. Working inside is not a new concept for us...our team has been teaching ways to work inside for 20 years.

Since it was so successful, we decided to add a WINTER Online Homeschool to help keep you working throughout the winter to get ready for spring.

Register Now for our 2-Day WINTER Single Plane  Online Homeschool on December 14-15, 2020

On December 14th & 15th, we are taking our exact Premier School agenda and bringing it to you LIVE for our winter homeschool for ONLY $199 or you can join our Gold Membership program for HALF-OFF at $54 a month or $495 a year and get it the homeschool for FREE.

This online homeschool will cover all aspects of the game from short game (putting, chipping and pitching) to Single Plane full swing breaking down the Moe Norman Single Plane model and getting detailed in the grip and address, positions 0-6, rotation drills and driver fundamentals.  We will also cover the process of learning, making changes and setting expectations...just like we do at our in-person schools.

Register today for this amazing opportunity as our in-person schools normally cost $1,499 and you can get this 2-Day Winter Online Homeschool for only $199.  

We will also be recording the online school for replay, so if you can't make the exact times and want to watch later, make sure you register before December 13th or join Gold Membership as they get the school for FREE!

If you have registered for a 2021 Spring Single Plane Premier School in Orlando, Phoenix or Oklahoma City, you will receive access to this online school for FREE as part of your registration.

Tentative 2-Day Online Homeschool Agenda

Day 1 - Monday, December 14th

9am - Process of Learning & Making Changes with Tim Graves, PGA
9:50am - Break

10am – Putting Fundamentals & Instruction with Tim Graves, PGA
10:50am - Break
11am – Chipping Fundamentals & Instruction with Tim Graves, PGA

1pm – Presentation of the Single Plane Swing based on the model of Moe Norman with Todd Graves
1:50pm - Break
2pm – Full Swing Instruction: Grip & Address with Todd Graves
2:50pm - Break
3pm – Full Swing Instruction: Positions 0-4 with Chandler Rusk

Day 2 - Tuesday, December 15th

9am - START and Club Fitting Discussion
9:50am - Break
10am – Long Chips / Pitching Instruction with Tim Graves, PGA
10:50am - Break
11am – Short Game Q&A

1pm – Rotation Drills with Todd Graves
1:35pm - Leverage Bag & Release/Finish with Todd Graves
2:00pm - Break
2:15pm – Driver Mechanics
2:40pm - Full Swing Q&A / Next Steps

Ready to transform your game during our 2-Day Winter Online Homeschool?

Register Now For Just $199 
Average In-Person School Cost: $1,499

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