Your FREE TRAINING to get you "back-in" to the Single Plane Swing...

Learn Moe Norman's Inverse Formula to Great Ball-Striking

Are you ready to think in reverse to hit great golf shots?

You must Plane-on-the-way-Back for Backswing Leverage to produce Swing Plane and Effortless Power.

From the Single Plane Address & Grip, Moe "Planed the Club" in the backswing producing leverage and the most effective club angle -making it simple to get to the Perfect Impact Moment. 

Video 1 - How the Backswing Sets You up to Deliver the Dlub into Perfect Impact.

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Video 2 - Perfecting Your Single Plane Leverage and Backswing.

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What You’ll Discover in These Videos

The Single Plane backswing produces leverage and puts the club on the Single plane – making it easier to get through perfect impact with the proper path, power and speed.

  • How to achieve a perfect backswing
  • How the hands hinge for power
  • How the tilts of address make the backswing simple
  • Why "Swing Plane" is so important to consistentcy
  • How the lower body rotates and stabilizes to prepare for powerful transition

" When asked why Moe Norman is universally regarded as the best ball-striker to ever live, I always have a very simple and concise answer - Moe achieved the moment of impact more consistently than anyone else."

Todd Graves, "Little Moe"

Co-founder, Graves Golf

Congratulations on downloading the free PERFECT IMPACT PDF.  You will see on the PDF compliments this video so you can print it and have it with you when you practice.  I hope you enjoy the PDF and videos and use them as reference guides to master Moe's Inverse Formula.  Also, below, you will find Specific Training Tools that I designed to speed things up.   

I know, without a doubt, that as you master the Moe's Four Triggers you will find the Perfect Moment of Impact and improve your ball-striking.

Enjoy your Single Plane - in Reverse!

Tools I developed to Learn Moe Norman's Inverse Formula.

Through my own learning of Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing, I faced some challenges.  As a result I developed Key tools that could accelerate my practice and learning. These tools are specifically designed to SPEED-UP learning because.

While I originally built them for myself, I've found they help everyone who uses them.

To "Thank You"  for your invaluable feedback recently,  I wanted to do something special for you.

Purchase any of the products on this page, and you will get a 25% discount on your entire order.

Feeling of Greatness Training Club

Learning Moe's Inverse Formula starts with your Single Plane Address and Grip. That's why I designed the Feeling of Greatness Training Club (FOG).

The FOG teaches you the proper hand position, distance from the ball and makes getting the proper tilts of the body a no-brainer. 

I use the Feeling of Greatness Training Club as a starting point during every practice session.

Alignment & Ball Position Trainer

To master the Perfect Impact Moment, what could be more important than Alignment of your feet and the Ball Position in your address? 

This is why I designed the Alignment and Ball Position Trainer - to practice the Perfect Moment of Impact - perfectly.  

I never practice without it.  

Single Plane Position Trainer

When I first saw Moe's perfect golf swing,  I thought, "If I could just feel what he feels."  Then I realized that if I copied Moe's Backswing and Leverage position and Moment of Impact -  I could! 

That's when I designed the Single Plane Position Trainer - to help me feel exactly what Moe felt from Address and Grip to the Perfect Impact Moment.   

I use the Single Plane Position Trainer everywhere, even when I can't make it to the golf course.    

Leverage Bag

Sometimes simple is better. That's why the Leverage Bag easily teaches the body poisons and feeling of impact.

A staple of my training for over 20 years, the Leverage Bag is a simple and highly effective way to train and feel the Perfect Impact Moment.

single plane swing book by Todd graves

In my best selling book, The Single Plane Golf Swing, Play Better Golf, The Moe Norman Way, I demonstrate why the conventional ”tour” swing is too complex and frustrating for the majority of amateurs.  I  then share Moe's brilliant insights to his genius swing and I teach his liberating simple approach to the game. 

Illustrated with more than 300 photographs and written with Norman's biographer Tim O’Connor, the book engagingly tells Norman’s bittersweet life story and explores my teacher-student bond with Moe.