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Learn Moe Norman's Inverse Formula to Great Ball-Striking

Are you ready to think in reverse to hit great golf shots?

Introducing the "Learn in Reverse" Video Series to help you achieve the PERFECT IMPACT MOMENT and hit great golf shots.

"When you are matching the Moe Norman Model, you must also match the the most important aspects of the swing.  That's why I put together a series of videos to help you learn the most important moment of the golf swing, what I call Perfect Impact". 

"Inspired by my teacher, Moe Norman,  I've dedicated my life to helping golfers learn the basics of what he taught me,  the greatest golf swing to every play the game - The Single Plane Golf Swing.

I hope to inspire you to Learn the Single Plane Swing and as you enjoy this video series."

  Todd Graves - "Little Moe", Co-Founder, Graves Golf

Start  Learning Backwards With This Video...

Single Plane Perfect Impact

What You’ll Learn in This Video Series

Why was Moe Norman the greatest ball-striker to ever play the game?  The reason is that he discovered the easiest way to swing a golf club which allowed him to impact the ball with accuracy, solid-contact and speed - more consistently than any other golfer.  

In other words, with his swing motion, he was able to repeat the most important moment in the swing – impact, better than anyone! 

I've coined Moe's main moment, The Perfect Impact Moment.

Having a Perfect Impact is the most important moment of the golf swing. By learning Moe’s Single Plane Swing, starting from the perfect impact moment and working backward, you can learn some the most important swing elements that can help strike the ball like Moe. 

The great news is that when you copy Moe’s positions and movements, and you can produce long and straight shots, just like him!

In today's video, I highlight the following keys to Moe Norman's ball-striking genius:

  • The correct tilts of the body and back
  • The stability and power positions of the lower body
  • The separated speed rotations of the torso and shoulders
  • The target positions of the lead hand, and angled trail wrist and arm
  • How the club length and swing plane are related and more...

" When asked why Moe Norman is universally regarded as the best ball-striker to ever live, I always have a very simple and concise answer - Moe achieved the moment of impact more consistently than anyone else."

Todd Graves, "Little Moe"

Co-founder, Graves Golf

With an understanding of the ideal position at impact, I want to introduce you to Moe Norman’s Four Inverse Formula and the Triggers that will help you achieve a Perfect Impact Moment with the Single Plane Golf Swing.

Moe’s Four Inverse Formula "Triggers" to Great Ball-Striking include:

  • The Start-in-Reverse, Address and Grip Position - the untold way to Consistently Start your swing. (Conventional instruction has this completely wrong).
  • The Plane-on-the-way-Back / Leverage Position - the most effective club angle that Simplifies the Transition and Downswing for the ideal Club Path and Power.
  • The Stop-to-Start / Inside Leg to Knee Brace Transition - to go from backswing to forward swing for Stability and Speed.
  • The Perfect Impact Moment - the moment of accuracy for Consistency and Great Golf Shots.
  • 0 - 2 - 6 Swing Drill:  That includes Body Release and Finish to produce a perfect Swing.

Congratulations on downloading the free PERFECT IMPACT PDF.  You will see on the PDF compliments this video so you can print it and have it with you when you practice.  I hope you enjoy the PDF and videos and use them as reference guides to master Moe's Inverse Formula.  Also, below, you will find Specific Training Tools that I designed to speed things up.   

I know, without a doubt, that as you master the Moe's Four Triggers you will find the Perfect Moment of Impact and improve your ball-striking. 

Enjoy your Single Plane - in Reverse!