Short Game Fundamentals
Your Key To Lower Scores in 2021

What You’ll Learn in This Series

A great short game, or "scoring" game starts with great fundamentals.  I will review the fundamentals for each key area of the short game, as well as share checkpoints and common faults.

  • Be able to check your fundamentals quickly.
  • Identify any faults with your fundamentals.
  • Learn the checkpoints - simply and effective ways to check each fundamental on every shot you take in the scoring game.

" Over 70% of our score comes from shots we take from inside 100 yards of the green.  Developing a sound scoring game is your fastest path to lowering your handicap and playing the game at the level you dream of....and you'll be reinforcing good habits for your full swing "

Tim Graves

PGA, Graves Golf

Tim's Secret Weapons

By the way, did you know that the tools listed below are the essential tools that I use for my short game practice?  It's TRUE!

Each of these training aids is designed to simplify and shortcut your short game practice sessions so you can KNOW you are practicing correctly which means every practice session is a productive one.

H3 putting trainer

The H3 Putting Trainer allows you to practice your putting stroke and aim your putts on line, so you can learn to trust your line, every time you putt!

Short Game Alignment Trainer

The Short Game Alignment Trainer teaches the target line and shoulder line angle with the proper foot rotation and body position. By training with your SGAT, you’ll always have the proper hand position and club face alignment.

Throw A Hole

With the GGA Throw-A-Hole you can now take a hole with you every time you practice. You can even use the Throw-A-Hole on the carpet inside your home, a great way to practice when you aren’t able to get to the course.