Enroll In Our Advanced Putting Masterclass And Say Goodbye To Doubles or Triples Forever!


In Just 6 Weeks, You'll Develop The Skills And Techniques To

Reduce 3-Putts & Shave As Many As 5 Strokes Round After Round!


"Unless it’s a “gimme” within 2 or 3 feet of the cup I can’t sink a putt to save my life. What can I do?”

I’ve heard that time and again from students struggling to find the secret to lower scores.

The secret is simple.

If you're going to score low, you have to be a good putter. Period.

Putting has more effect on score than any other area of the game. Even pros take an average of 43 percent of their shots on the greens.

There's no way around it - a missed short putt is final. A hooked drive, a missed approach, even a poor chip shot is salvageable if you're a good putter. But a missed putt from within 6 feet is still a stroke lost.

A 2-foot putt counts as much as a 208-yard approach shot over water... especially when the 2 foot putt is missed!

The PGA is full of great ball strikers who seldom win because they can't putt consistently. In contrast, it's also full of mediocre ball strikers who win quite often because they are excellent putters.

"I've won twenty-five times on the PGA and Champions tours - including two PGA Championships on the regular tour and three majors as a senior - on the strength of my putting. I was never a long hitter, and I was never even in the top half of all ball strikers on tour. I made my money hitting eight or nine greens and taking twenty-five or twenty-six putts..."
-- Dave Stockton

The 18-handicap golfer averages 36 putts per round.

You're only hurting yourself if you don't make putting an important part of your training.

So I’ve decided to put together a 6-Week Masterclass to help you become a good putter (fewer than 30 putts per round) and help you say goodbye to double or triples forever.

During this Masterclass…

  • Discover the ten mistakes amateurs make that pros never do
  • Why most high handicappers and many good golfers still suck at putting!
  • Learn why the 6-foot putt is the most important shot in Golf
  • How to play to your strengths
  • How easy it is to get the ball in the hole so much faster!
  • How to read greens more accurately and visualize the correct roll paths
  • How to effortlessly attain “touch” and how to use it to effortlessly sink more putts and eliminate those nasty three putts!)
  • Develop a dependable putting stoke that hits where you aim
  • Ingrain your pre-shot routines
  • Utilize precious practice and warm up time to your best advantage

TRUTH: The Secret to Lower Scores is to Sink More Putts of Eight Feet or Less

(…And It’s Easier Than You Think)

Look, I know you’ve heard this statement before. Many pros over the years have echoed it...

But it's a fact. No matter how far you can drive the ball…no matter how much longer you are than anyone else in your group…no matter how dialed in your woods, irons, and hybrids might be…

The REAL test of golf comes around the green. You simply can’t ignore it.

I mean, really--if it takes you only 1 to get there and then FOUR MORE to get down, it doesn’t matter how nice your drive was…you’re STILL carding the same scores (and most likely handing someone else a few bills at the 19th hole).


That's why just being the biggest dog off the tee isn’t enough. You need the skills and knowledge to get up and down in the least strokes possible.

That is exactly what this 6-Week Masterclass is designed to teach you how to do.

Which means...

  • You'll shave strokes off your score like a barber with a razor-sharp straight-edge.
  • You'll beat out cocky long-hitters who can't stop bragging about their drives.
  • You'll get the respect you deserve on the links from your buddies.
  • You'll enjoy yourself and have fun knowing it's gonna be another great round.
  • You'll stop worrying about your tee shots because you know how to save par.
  • Or even the dreaded 3-foot knee knocker for par…

Inside the Advanced Putting Masterclass, you’ll discover the same secrets that the pros use inside the ropes each and every week…

Here’s just a little peek of the type of instruction you’ll get
inside this Master Class:


Your Step-By-Step Blueprint to Chopping 5 Strokes Off Your Score…FAST!

Step 1: Attend the Masterclass and Q and A Sessions

The Advanced Putting Masterclass consists of 6 weeks of in-depth video lessons that hand you my most comprehensive training on how to sharpen your putting skills and start knocking those snowmen off your card for good…

You’ll join me every Monday as I give you a new lesson via a special private member’s only area. Then, later in the week, I’ll hold a LIVE question and answer session, where you can hit me up directly with your own specific questions about your putting game. Plus, everything’s recorded, so if you’re forced to miss a session, it will still be there waiting for you when you’re ready.                 

Whether you’re just starting to play golf or a seasoned veteran of the links, this training is engineered to provide you with the quickest route to putting mastery. It’s the exact same training I give to my students who fly in and pay my top-tier fees for personal lessons.

6 weeks of Training Videos Delivered To Your Inbox Weekly Plus LIVE Q&A

Get Customized Drills Specific To Every Week.

Step 2: Do the Drills

At the end of each lesson, I’ll give you some drills and games to help you accelerate your improvement. These are simple, easy to perform practice sessions that you can do at your local club (some of you can even do in your home or at the office).

These drills are customized to each training module for maximum improvement with minimum time and energy expenditure. So you can rest assured that you’re actually moving the needle forward every time you commit to practicing one of these drills. 

You’ll literally be AMAZED at how quickly you’ll see results!

Step 3: Play!

You’d be surprised how many students pay good money for my lessons and spend hours at the range…but never actually put their newfound skills to use. 

Whether it’s a time issue or a loss of interest, it’s truly a shame—because they’re now armed with everything they need to make the kind of shots that cause their scores to plummet (and their playing partners to start sweating).

  So I urge you—if you commit to becoming one of my students and taking part in my Advanced Putting Masterclass, don’t just “talk the talk”. Make sure you “walk the walk” as well, and show off your brand new game to everyone at the club!

This Exclusive Program Is Designed So You Can Keep On Playing As You’re Learning

The Graves Golf Academy is Different…

Yes, you can find other trainings that cover the short game, but the Graves Golf Academy approach is unique because it's built on solid, proven-to-work foundational principles that come from the world’s greatest ball striker, Moe Norman… 

And while Moe’s single plane full swing was a marvel to behold, many people don’t realize that his short game was just as incredible. That’s why we’ve taken those tried-and-true single plane principles and put them into the most comprehensive, results-driven short game improvement program ever developed. 

If that sounds like what you’ve been searching for, then welcome! You've found your home.

Masterclass Breakdown:

Program Details and Description


Week 1: Hands & Grip

  • Lesson 1: How you hold the putter
  • Lesson 2: Hand Dominance
  • Lesson 3: Grip Pressue
  • Lesson 4: Hip Check System
  • Lesson 5: Parallel Positioning
  • Lesson 6: Loft of Putter
  • Lesson 7: Fitting Grip Size
  • Lesson 8: Fitting Grip Shape

Week 2: Ball Position & Lie Angle

  • Lesson 1: Arm & Elbow Position
  • Lesson 2: Ball Under Eyeline
  • Lesson 3: Ball Position Relationship
  • Lesson 4: Head Tilt
  • Lesson 5: Bifocals - How to putt with glasses
  • Lesson 6: Arm & Elbow Position
  • Lesson 7: Length
  • Lesson 8: Lie Angle

Week 3: Shoulders & Stability

  • Lesson 1: Shoulder Alignment
  • Lesson 2: Hip Alignment
  • Lesson 3: Feet Alignment
  • Lesson 4: Stability - 'A' Frame
  • Lesson 5: Stability - Knee Position
  • Lesson 6: Stability - Waist Bend
  • Lesson 7: Stability - Feet Angle
  • Lesson 8: Putter Type - Mallet vs Blade vs Others
  • Lesson 9: Putter Type - Center Shaft vs Heel Shaft
  • Lesson 10: Putter Type - Toe Down vs Toe Up vs Face Balanced
  • Lesson 11: Bonus - How to use different putters (ex. long putters with no anchoring)



Week 4:  Green Reading 

  • Lesson 1: What is Aim Point
  • Lesson 2: How to Learn Slope Value
  • Lesson 3: Hot to setup Tilt Stations
  • Lesson 4: Feeling Tilt
  • Lesson 5: How to Practice Slope Recognition
  • Lesson 6: Eye Dominance
  • Lesson 7: Short Putts - One Read
  • Lesson 8: Short Putts - Where to align your fingers on the cup
  • Lesson 9: Short Putts - Where to stand in relation to ball
  • Lesson 10: Short Putts - How to practice (with string and balls)
  • Lesson 11: Long Putts - Three reads
  • Lesson 12: Long Putts - Where to align fingers on the cup
  • Lesson 13: Long Putts - Distance behind the ball
  • Lesson 14: Long Putts - How to take variables out of long putts

Week 5: Situational Putting

  • Lesson 1: Off the fringe, collar and off green
  • Lesson 2: Slow Greens & Fast Greens
  • Lesson 3: Grain (Grass Types)
  • Lesson 4: Wind

Week 6:  How To Practice Pre-Round

  • Lesson 1: Green Speed
  • Lesson 2: Line
  • Lesson 3: Pre-Round Process
  • Lesson 4: Pre-Shot Routine
  • Lesson 5: Mental Image Pre-Round


Yes, It is a lot of material - which is why we’re breaking it down for you into bite-sized chunks over 6 weeks

Eliminate 3-Putts And Drop Strokes On Every Round!

About Your Instructor:

Tim Graves, PGA & Master Instructor
Co-Founder of the Graves Golf Academy

Tim has been playing competitive golf for over 25 years, turning professional in 1997. He is recognized as one of the world's best-known teachers of The Single Plane Swing, made famous by the greatest ball striker who ever lived, Moe Norman. 

In 2000, Tim and Todd co-founded the Graves Golf Academy, the only golf program dedicated to teaching Moe Norman’s approach to golf. The academy has taught more than 5,000 students in its golf schools in Florida, Oklahoma City, and around North America with tremendous success. 

Get at Least 5 Shots Better or
You Don’t Pay a Penny…

We’re so confident that the Advanced Putting Masterclass is your ticket to playing better golf with lower scores that we’ll back it up with this promise… 

Give this class a complete test-drive for a full 90 days. Implement the fundamental movements into your putting game. Take a couple of hours a week to practice these methods. And if, in any way, you’re not satisfied with the results or you’re not seeing at least a 5 stroke decrease in your game for the better within those 90 days, then simply let us know and we’ll arrange to refund 100% of your payment. 

So really, you have nothing to lose here and EVERYTHING to gain. What’s stopping you? 

Do yourself a favor—snatch up this amazing training NOW before it goes away for good. Simply click the button and let’s take that first step towards transforming you into a putting master!

This is the Only Time We’ll Offer This Class in 2018…

We’ll begin our Advanced Putting Masterclass on Monday, May 7. But registration ends on:

Please note: This is the ONLY time we will hold the Advanced Putting Masterclass during this year. So make sure you get inside before the end of April or you’ll end up waiting another 12 months or more for another chance to master this critical area of the game. 

Is that what you REALLY want? To wait another whole year before making a significant improvement in your game and shooting scores like you KNOW you’re capable of? 

Because if you don’t jump in with us now, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. 

So don’t wait—enroll NOW in the box below and let’s take that first step towards cutting 5 strokes off your scorecard as quickly as possible. Can’t wait to see you there!

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  • 6 Weeks of Structured Training
  • 25+ Video Lessons
  • 6 LIVE Q&A Sessions 
  • LIFETIME Access To All Recording and Training Materials

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