Attention Frustrated Golfer!

How Senior Golfers In Their 70’s, 80’s And Even 90’s… Are Getting Distance Back In Their Golf Swings And Can Now Play 18 Holes Without Pain Again!

Discover how once struggling golfers (even people with prior back, neck and knee injuries) are now consistently hitting the ball longer, straighter and more solid using this simple swing 

Dear Frustrated And Sore Golfer:

The USGA says the average handicap has been going UP in the last 20 years!

Plus, more golfers than ever wind up with chronic back, elbow, wrist and joint pain.

With all the new equipment and improved courses, how is this possible?

Please keep reading if you’re totally frustrated with your game not improving.

If you’re sick of never getting better, no matter how much you practice, how many magazines you read, or how many lessons you take; and if you’re tired of always being in pain no matter how many Advils you swallow…this could be the most important article you’ve ever read!

Can I let you in on a secret here?

The simplest, least complicated, most efficient, accurate, and repeatable way to hit a golf ball…

…is definitely NOT the way most golfers do it!

You see, there’s one particular element of the “conventional” swing – and every variation of it – that can doom you to a life of inconsistency, wandering drives, frustration … and often injury.

It’s what I call…

“The One Mistake”

Like me, and pretty much every other golfer I know, you were most likely taught to let your arms hang from your shoulders, straight down toward your knees. The trouble is…

This is NOT where you end up at the moment of impacting the ball. This method of swinging a club creates a dual plane effect as you come down on a different plane than you went back.

“So what?” you might ask.

Well, this dual plane effect is the whole problem. It actually robs your swing of power and accuracy, destroys any hope for dependable repeatability, and can leave your body (especially your back and shoulders) feeling tired and sore for days on end.

This “hanging arms” position at address has many negative effects, including: Increasing the upward motion of your spine in order to make contact … exaggerating body movement (which, coupled with the additional tension created, causes greater wear and tear on your joints and muscles) … necessitating a tremendous need for timing of numerous small movements like hinging your wrists just the right amount at just the right time.

The end result of all this extra movement and split-second timing is a frustrating inconsistency in your swing

(THIS is why one day everything might be going your way … and then the next day your game is in the dumpster. Sometimes it can change from hole to hole. But Moe Norman could drop a thousand balls all within a few yards of each other!)

Now you can begin to understand why you haven’t hitting the ball straight.

Doesn’t it make more sense to start the swing where you want it to end up – right at the point of impact?

We’re out to teach a few “old dogs” some new tricks

Let’s face it (since there’s little else we can do): We’re not getting any younger. And the older we get, the more painful and difficult golf can become. So we start looking for an easier way to keep playing this game we love.

But for most of us, that by itself isn’t enough … because we still want to get better, too.

And “getting better” means something’s gotta change! After all … like the old saying goes: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way every time, and expecting different results!”

Interestingly (and sadly) a lot of guys who come to me for help feel they’re just too old to change, that they can’t learn something new at this point. And a big part of my job is helping them see that you’re not too old until the day they nail down the lid on that ol’ pine box. (Once they’ve accepted that, improving their game becomes a piece of cake!)

And let me tell you…

Helping these guys overcome their “One Big Mistake” brain-washing … showing them how to “hit like Moe” … and seeing the smiles, and looks of pure ecstatic joy that spread across their face when they “nail it” and start cracking drive after drive straight down the fairway, dropping them where they’ve said they would…

THAT is my happiness!

That’s why, together with my brother Tim (who is a PGA member himself with numerous course records and tournament wins) I opened the Graves Golf Academy in 2000. Our mission is to teach Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing, and help both recreational and competitive golfers improve their game to the highest levels.

More than 68,430 golfers have come to us for help because they’d been struggling with their game for years – even lifetimes.

They’ve usually had many lessons, and maybe attended other golf schools, but find “quick tips” haven’t helped them, long term. Ours is a long term solution – a lifetime solution.

It takes practice … and it takes some time. And it is SO worth it! Everything you put into this will come back to you multiplied many times over. Here’s what Moe Norman said about “a fine golf swing”, and what it takes to get it:

“A man may lie and cheat and steal for gain … but these will never gain a golf swing. To gain this, a man must work! But it’s work without the toil. A fine golf swing is intoxication without the hangover; it’s stimulation without the pills. It’s humbling … yet it ennobles the human spirit. It’s a buffer from the stresses of today’s living. Golf is truly Happiness.Moe Norman

Like I said … it’s worth it.

Anyone expecting to simply “unlearn” their old swing and turn their game around in a weekend though, has lost their grip on reality. Most serious golfers already know this, of course.

PLEASE NOTE: You might work with this swing a month or two – or even more – before you really start making it yours, and your game starts living up to our promises. At first, it might even get worse. That’s normal though, as you shake off your old programming. Persevere. Give yourself, and this swing, the chance you deserve. Because once it starts … you’ll be absolutely amazed by how quickly your improvement comes.

So what is it that sets Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing apart from (and above!) anything else you may have tried?

Looks goofy — works great!

Okay, I freely admit this swings looks somewhat … “unorthodox”. Especially when you watch Moe himself performing it.

But what can you expect from a swing with the potential to practically reinvent the game? Still…

Let me ease your fears. YOU needn’t “look like Moe” in order to “hit like Moe”. Alrighty?

Please watch the video at the top of this page, if you haven’t already. You’ll see Moe Norman smacking a bunch of balls … and you’ll see me. And if you look carefully, you can see we’re both using the same swing … but we certainly don’t “look the same”.

That’s because this is a “flexible” swing – one that’s easily adapted to any individual. It’s not so much a single “technique” you have to force yourself to, like others. Instead, it’s a collection of elements you can assemble in almost any way you like … so long as they’re all there in your finished swing.

A few of the elements that set it apart are: The grip, the stance, and your arm position at address.

It Just Doesn’t Get Any Simpler Than This

Gripping your club in the Single Plane Swing is like holding a hammer. This keeps the club from rotating in your hands. So if you can drive a nail, you can drive a golf ball using this swing.

Here’s what Moe says about it:

“You want your club held in the palms, not the fingers. How do you hold a baseball bat? In the palms. Same with a tennis racket, an axe, a hammer – they’re always held in the palms. So why would anyone hold a golf club in their fingers? It’s just gonna move and twist all around!”

Makes sense, wouldn’t you agree?

The Single Plane Swing simplifies the game of golf for you in a way conventional instruction just can’t. Now you can forget about all that mumbo-jumbo like “X factor” in your golf swing.

And because the swing is easier on the body and has fewer moving parts, it’s much easier to learn than you might suspect. (For one thing, there are no complicated, power-robbing timing issues working against you.)

Here are just a few more benefits of the Single Plane Swing:

  • By keeping your club and body on plane you load the down stroke with terrific power
  • Allows your body to stabilize and lets you really explode through your arms at impact for greater distance
  • The follow-through is like “tossing the ball, underhand” right at the target … giving you incredible control over where your ball lands, and how it runs
  • The amount of upward motion of the spine is reduced nearly to the point of elimination (which saves wear on your spine, often eliminating that common lower back pain)
  • Due to superior bio-mechanics, it produces increased power and force … but with surprisingly low energy output (perfect for older golfers who need to conserve energy.)

If you still can’t accept this as the “best” way to swing a club (and the only way, as far as we’re concerned) then think of it as…

An Alternative To The Usual Insanity

Consider this an alternative, if you’d like.

An alternative for golfers whose game is not getting any better, no matter how hard they work on the conventional swing. An alternative for guys who just want to play better golf, and really couldn’t care less what the Pros are doing on the tour.

If what you’ve learned in the past just isn’t working for you, then common sense says it’s time for something different. (Remember what I said earlier about the definition of insanity?)

And probably the one thing I hear from students, more than anything else, is how this swing just … makes … sense!

Of course, what we hear more than anything else from the detractors, the cynics, and the skeptics is: “If this swing is so good, then how come all the Tour players aren’t using it?”

Good question!

And the main reason is:

They simply don’t see The One Mistake as a mistake, at all – to them, it’s an integral part of a “proper” swing. And because of this nearly universal misconception – perpetuated by instructor after instructor, down through the years – they simply cannot accept anything so “revolutionary” as the Single Plane Swing.

And yet things are changing … slowly.

Because there are a number of golfers who do come pretty close. They adopt this or that element of Moe’s swing … but unfortunately that’s where they stop. They just can’t bring themselves to committing “whole hog” to it. (I’d say 12-time PGA Tour winner Steve Stricker probably comes closest to our method.)

For the most part though, they just don’t recognize any need to change – to do anything other than what they’re used to, what everyone else is doing.


If The Fairways Were Only 10 Yards Wide…

Whenever Moe was asked why more people on the Tour weren’t using his swing, he’d reply: “If the fairways were 10 yards wide, everybody would swing like me!”

Yes, if there was nothing but fairway and OB (out-of-bounds), then Tour players would have to swing more like Moe. He was all about accuracy, and there’s just no better way to maximize your accuracy on the course than using the Single Plane Swing!

Moe called his golf swing The Feeling of Greatness, and said: “I’m what’s missing in golf.” (Moe didn’t call it the Single Plane Swing – that’s a name I coined, to better describe what makes it so different, so much better.)

But regardless of any of that … as I see it, the question comes down to this:

If you’re not golfing the way you want to be … if your current swing isn’t producing the changes you crave in your game…

Then who really gives a rat’s fanny what the Pros are doing on Tour? You do NOT need the permission of any Tour Pro before trying something new. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your swing, and do whatever it takes to achieve the kind of game you’ll always dreamt of!

The ONLY Officially-Recognized Source For Moe’s Swing

We believe there’s only one way to teach this swing: By modeling Moe Norman exactly!

It never fails to amaze me how some instructors will change key factors of Moe’s swing … and then claim their teaching the single plane. I’ll tell you this: When any one of them becomes a better ball striker than Moe Norman, then I can believe they’ve found a better way to swing a club. And not before!

The reason we’re the only officially authorized source for learning Moe Norman’s swing is simple: It’s because I spent 11 years learning it directly from Moe himself.

At Graves Golf, we teach you the Single Plane Swing in its purest form – true to Moe Norman, who developed it and mastered it.

Other golf methods may claim to be the single plane swing … but they’re not. Don’t be fooled!

Until recently though, learning this swing from me and Tim was rather expensive.

Your choice was to either attend one of our golf camps (the fees for which start at $500 a day) … or hire me to personally coach you at $250 an hour! (If I was even available – my schedule gets booked solid months ahead. And that’s how I like to keep it.)

So I came up with a way for golfers who can’t attend a golf camp… or… who can’t hire me personally… to learn Moe’s single plane swing at home, in comfort, at their own pace.

Introducing “Back To Golf” The Fastest Way To A Dependable, Pain-free Golf Swing

Discover how to LOWER YOUR SCORE, and END your back, neck, elbow or shoulder pain NOW, using a NATURAL swing proven to generate more consistent results off the tee!

Learn How Moe Norman’s Simpler Swing Can Save Your Back.

In This “Save Your Back Series” you will discover the specific changes you need make to relieve stress from your back…. Plus the following critical info single plane golfers must know:

  • The fastest known way (proven by science) to drop your scores and hit the ball as straight as you can point.
  • 3 crucial swing elements poor strikers mess up… which… cause chronic slicing and hooking. (And how to fine tune these swing elements so you launch accurate strikes… every time!)
  • How to generate maximum clubhead speed… and… pound the stuffing out of the ball on every tee shot guaranteed! (Hint: 75% of speed is created at the top of the swing by just two leverage points.)
  • Why so many golfers suffer from back pain… and… the cure you’ll never read about in the golf magazines. (Watch any golfer out there who is not single plane trained [including all the pros] and you’ll see them making this back-wrenching mistake swing after swing. No wonder so many golfers wreck their bodies.)
  • Want to fix an awful slice, horrid hook or any other golf problem? Well, it may never happen… unless… you focus on the one thing most golfers overlook. 
  • Why trying to break bad golf habits is a total waste of time… and… how to overcome ingrained tendencies playing havoc with your game now… while turning them into enormous advantages when you play. 
  • The biggest problem with conventional swings that will: (1) sap the natural power you possess… (2) force your shots to spray into the rough, out of bounds or in the nearest dreaded hazard… and… (3) tear your body to shreds in the long run.
  • Four fundamentals of a sweet single plane swing… and… the correct way to practice them. (You’ll discover the secret of how to “practice with purpose” and improve your game faster than you ever imagined possible.) 
  • How to train your grip so you stop “milking the club” in the middle of a swing! 
  • The #1 WORST mistake you can make with your wrist when swinging a golf club. (Even if you do everything else “right”, your game will fall apart if you make this common mistake nobody likes talking about.)
  • The single best place to “load” all your power and “torque” in your golf swing. (Hint: It is NOT your back!)
  • And much, much more

So, because I want to make this video package affordable for any golfer, instead of paying hundreds of dollars you get everything for…

only $7!

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