Cracking Your Single Plane Code

Use This Step-By-Step Training Protocol To Accelerate Your Mastery Of The Single Plane Swing With Less Effort & In Half The Time!

From: Todd Graves
To: Our Single Plane Golfers
Subject: Why You're Not Getting The Results You Want...

If you've tried the Single Plane Single but have struggled to get the results you want, then please pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you...

I'm going to speak plainly here. The secret to getting the results you desire out of your golf swing requires doing the work

There is no magic pill.

I can best illustrate this point by telling you about one of my recent students, Allen, who came to me requesting a private lesson. Allen had decided to give the Single Plane Swing a try but was having difficulty hitting solid with this “New" Single Plane Swing.

So, I handed him a club and asked him to show me his swing.

After seeing him swing, I asked him if he had actually watched the Single Plane Solution videos.

“Sure. I’ve watched them four times already.”

“Have you practiced it?”


“Do you feel like you’re executing the swing the way we instructed inside the DVD?” I asked.

“Yes. But it’s not working.”

Allen was correct. It definitely wasn’t working.

The reason?

Allen wasn’t even remotely close to matching the Single Plane Swing.

His grip and setup was off. His swing path was incorrect. As far as I could tell, it didn’t look like he was even trying to model the Single Plane Swing at all.

But in Allen’s mind he was following the instructions to a tee.

“So you’ve watched the Single Plane Swing video. You’ve practiced it. Let me ask you a question, is the club aligned with the trail arm from a down-the-line view?”


“Are you sure? How do you know?”

He responded, “Well, I watched the video.”

So I took a picture of his setup and showed it to him. It obviously wasn’t lined up with the trail arm - the "key" fundamental of the Single Plane Swing!

Allen just shrugged, “Well, I thought it was.”

I asked, “Did you ever check it in a mirror or on video?”


This is a problem we see at our golf schools every day.

Each student shows up the first day “feeling” like they are on the right path to learning the swing. But only 1 student in 10 has tried to get visual feedback before attending the school. Most haven’t broken the swing down step-by-step and then compared what they are actually doing against what they “feel” they are doing.

Well I can tell you this...

If You’re Not Willing to Put in the Effort to Make and Measure The Change, CHANGE Will Never Happen

“You have to KEEP it Simple Stupid and understand your own swing”

-Moe Norman

So what IS the best way to practice the Single Plane Swing?

You must check your current swing. You must assess:

Where are you now?

Where are you having the first issue in the order of the swing motion?

Then you must: Solve that problem first.

Then continue through each checkpoint, improving as you go - working in the proper order.

The idea is to define a game plan around the correct order of the swing sequence.

But the key to this working is with feedback… either with a mirror, through video, a training aide, or a coach or all the above.

It’s HARD to feel new things.

Your body tells you you’re doing something “wrong” when you try to learn a new habit.

But to make change you must do things differently.

Are you checking yourself?

Are you getting feedback?

Do you understand what to look for?

Or do you just run to the range and make guesses on what you should be doing..

Chances are you’re likely not even close.

Success with the Single Plane Swing is quickly attainable with the right steps

Most golfers live with constant frustration, but you don't have to...

Do you scratch your head when you practice wondering why you can’t hit two consistent shots to save your life.

Are you CLUELESS to what you really need to be working on to improve.

Do you lack goals or a plan to make the necessary improvements.

Do you look at great golfers and think… “Well, they were just BORN with natural talent”.

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

Cursing the same problems every week.

Suffering from the same aches and pains after a round of golf.

And that dreaded “if I could just..." statement:

If I could just put together 2 solid shots in a row.

IF I could just hit straighter drives, the rest of my game is ok.

If I could just get up and down more often…

You know what I’m talking about…

Most golfers will never get past their fat shots, over-the-top swings, wicked slices and painfully frustrating inconsistency.

Yet, that is not what I want for you. And I know that isn’t what
you desire for yourself.

The Golfers Who See Real Results In Their Game Do Something Different...

These action-takers, make REAL, LASTING improvement in their game… and understand and implement what I call “Cracking Your Single Plane Swing Code”.

The Code is the proven method of developing a training process that generates results with the same amount of effort by knowing exactly where, when and how to focus on what really matters.

It breaks down like this...

Step 1: What Are You Doing Right?

When I asked Moe the best way to teach someone his golf swing he said, find out what they do right and go from there. Step 1 of Cracking the code to your Single Plane swing is to assess where you are now and make a game-plan of your training and practicing process.

Step 2: Checking Your Swing

Are you setup correctly, how is your backswing, are you in the correct position at the top of the backswing?   Step 2 will teach you to check what you are doing right and assess what you need to improve by using training aids and tools for checking the most important parts of your Single Plane Swing from address to finish.

Step 3: Are You Practicing Correctly and Getting Feedback?

The worst thing you can do when trying to crack the code of your Single Plane swing is practice incorrectly.  Did you know that you can create perfect practice habits and get the most out of your training?  Step 3 will show you how to utilize training aids and feedback devices to ensure that you get proper feedback on every swing you make.

Step 4: Time to Go to Work

If you know what to practice, know how to practice and have all of the tools to practice, now you gotta practice! Step 4 will help you build an ideal practice regimen for training that will ensure that you make progress and implement your plan. 

And today, I’m going to give this same step-by-step process to you...

-- but here’s my condition. To Crack The Code you need one KEY INGREDIENT

You have to be COMMITTED!

You don’t get these results sitting on the couch. And if you’re looking for the magic weight loss pill of the golf world, then you can stop reading this right now…

However, that doesn’t mean you’re going to need to spend hours a day on the range. That’s not what I want you to do.

This process that I’m about to reveal to you can be done in as little as 20 minutes a day –

Follow this plan and you will see results.

Moe's commitment was his key to his incredible success...

These Are The Same Routines That My Brother Tim & I Use On A Daily Basis To Fix Problems and Stay In Peak Performance...

And now, I’m going to help you to crack your own Single Plane Swing Code on June 21st during a 2-hour intensive, get-off your butt and follow along LIVE Workshop!

This workshop gives a STEP by STEP approach to develop ideal practice habits while on the range, home or in the office. Each step in the training process will demonstrate the use of GGA training aids, videos and other training devices for feedback.

And it is ONLY for those of you who are serious about grabbing your game by the horns.

GGA is Proud to Introduce the...

NOTE: this special LIVE Workshop is ONLY for you IF you are serious about committing and achieving Single Plane Mastery in 2018

A quick note from Todd:
If you're ready to get out of the rut and actually, truly, discover why the Single Plane Swing is golf’s golden ticket, then you need to reserve your seat in this Workshop right now.

This LIVE event is scheduled for June 21st from 8-10pm CST. And I’m purposely running this entire training inside. So anyone, anywhere, can learn these proven secrets to success...


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The "Cracking The Code" Workshop is the ideal “Right Now” training if you:

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Look, I like my coaches to just “tell me what to do” so I can make progress. That makes it easy to follow and simple to execute. And so that is what we are going to be giving to you in this program….

The hold-you-by-the-hand routine that you can use, right now, to start getting the real results you want with your Single Plane Swing.

We are going to be breaking down this training step-by-step – and you’re going to be able to follow along with us as we demonstrate EXACTLY what you need to do to get a rock-solid base to your swing.

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That’s it, just $197.

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Todd Graves
Founder, Graves Golf Academy


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