From One of the Strangest, and Most Controversial Chapters of Golf’s History Book Comes the Story of The Man Who Developed a Revolutionary Way of Swinging a Golf Club!

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“The Story of Golf’s Greatest Ballstriker”

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“This mysterious figure is the most talked about golfer when conversation among tour pros turns to the game’s greats.”

For a limited-time you have a chance to discover the story of golf’s greatest ball-striker, Moe Norman.

This is the golfer Tiger Woods admitted to Golf Digest is only one of two players who ever really owned their swing.

ESPN called him the greatest ball-striker of his generation.

When USA Today asked Vijay Singh who was the best golfer he had ever seen… he said Moe Norman was the best.

And Lee Trevino regarded Moe as a genius when it came to playing the game of golf.

The “Feeling of Greatness” book you’re about to get will reveal…

  • Who the greatest ball-striker to play the game is… and… why you probably never heard of him until now!
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  • “The Feeling of Greatness” swing… why it’s the least complicated way to hit a golf ball…
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Inside of This Exclusive Hardcover Book You’ll Discover The Secrets of
The Greatest Ball-Striker You’ve Never Heard Of…

Moe is probably the greatest golfer you’ve never heard of, since his quirky personality and non-typical swing never meshed with the PGA elite.

But one thing is for certain—Moe knew the secret to hitting long, straight shots with every club in the bag. And not just once or twice in a round—but EVERYSINGLETIME. In fact, during one exhibition, Moe hit 1540 drives in about 7 hoursand all of his shots landed within 15 yards of each other! It’s no wonder Tiger compared him to the infamous Iron Byron—Moe Norman was truly that consistent!

In his remarkable career, he sank 17 holes-in-one… boasted three scores of 59… four scores of 61… nine double eagles… and set over 30 course records.

Over the years, many people have dissected Moe’s swing to find the secret to his uncanny shot making ability. But nobody has ever been able to unlock the truth—until NOW…


Watch This Feature Story ESPN did on Moe:



Here’s Another By Canadian TV Show “Fifth Estate”:

Tiger Woods Called Moe’s Swing Technique “Frightening” Because it Produced Ultra-Long, Dead-Straight Shots, Over and Over Again…

Moe Norman’s self-taught single plane golf swing was called weird, unorthodox, different, but it was highly efficient, amazingly exact and freakishly accurate.

In his career, Moe sank 17 holes-in-one … boasted three scores of 59 … four scores of 61 … nine double eagles … and set 41 course records!

He was: 2 times Ontario Open Champion… 2 times Saskatchewan Open Champion… 3 times Manitoba Open Champion… 2 time Alberta Open Champion… 2 times Canadian Amateur Champion…

2 time Canadian Professional Champion… and 7 times Canadian Professional Golfers Association Seniors Champion during an 8-year stretch.

The best players in the world held Moe in the highest esteem. If he was out on a golf course hitting balls… from out of nowhere… all the pros would cluster around him just to get a glimpse of Moe hitting balls down range.

Why? Because Moe knew the least complicated way to swing a golf club. The result was one shot after another flying long and straight. It was a thing of beauty.

So much so that in 1963, after watching Moe swing during a tournament, Ken Venturi said, “If you laid a pipeline down the center of the fairway, Moe’s shots would be right down the pipeline.”

Through five years of trial and error (between the ages of 14 and 19) Moe developed his unique swing. He discovered the simplest way to hit a golf ball.

A Legend Among The Pros

“Only two players have ever truly owned their swings – Moe Norman and Ben Hogan.I want to own mine.”

– Tiger Woods


“My Coach, John Redman, saw Moe walking towards us one day in college, and said, ‘Boys, here comes the greatest ball striker who ever lived.’ I thought, ‘Yeah right. Who does he think he’s kidding?’ This guy was dressed in a black turtleneck, long dark pants, and it’s 120 degrees. Well, Moe came up and started ripping drivers right off the ground–dead straight at the 250-yard marker. He probably hit 50 balls and never moved them more than 10 yards either way. It was Unbelievable.”

– Paul Azinger


“Moe always made being on the range a big event. As a player, that’s one of the things you looked forward to when you came to the Canadian Open each year. All of us used to hang around on Tuesday and Wednesday just waiting for Moe to show up. It was amazing to listen to the knowledge he had about the game. But even more amazing was his ability to strike the ball.”

– Tom Lehman


“You know what’s most amazing about Moe? This man never won a U.S. Open, never won on the PGA Tour and barely had a pro career outside of Canada. But you’re talking about someone known around the world in every country golf is played. That made Moe a very rich man in my eyes.”

– Lee Trevino


“Moe was always jolly, cutting up and he had a ball no matter what people thought.  Of course, he jabbered a lot.  Moe was his own man and he did what pleased Moe Norman and I thought that was great.”

– Sam Snead


“It was always interesting playing with Moe Norman.”

– Gary Player

The “Rainman of Golf!”


I know what you’re probably thinking: “If Moe Norman was so great then why didn’t he succeed in the PGA and rewrite the record books?”

The answer is a little unnerving.

No one knows for sure… but… it is believed that Moe may have suffered from autism. He was never formally diagnosed. Professionals in the field of mental health who knew of Moe and his rather bizarre behavior believe he exhibited the personality characteristics of an autistic-savant.

For instance, he suffered from a serious inferiority complex. He repeated himself often. He always wore two watches. He had other strange ways that most people just couldn’t understand or tolerate.

According to sources, the PGA didn’t like Moe’s antics. He was bigger-than-life and acted that way. Sometimes during tournaments, he’d hit drivers off 6-inch tees and soda bottles.

For “kicks”, he’d play par 4 holes backwards. Hitting a wedge off the tee and a driver onto the green… and… still make par or better.

Moe’s gags got him into hot water with some members of the tour.

Chastised by PGA big-wigs for not taking the sport seriously enough, and already plagued by so many challenges in his life, he walked away from the US Tour, never to return.

Looking back at Moe’s social awkwardness, his speech, and his various idiosyncrasies, many have come to call him “The Rainman of Golf”.

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Moe Discovers A Revolutionary “Natural” Way To Swing A Golf Club

Gary Player said, “Norman’s swing has fewer moving parts than any swing I’ve seen.” That is one of the big secrets to Moe hitting the ball perfectly almost every single time.

You see, Moe’s swing (what he called “The Feeling of Greatness”) had less moving parts because he kept the club on a single plane.

Unlike traditional swings, the Single Plane Swing starts in the same position as the shaft ends up at impact.

Which means, less moving parts to the swing.

The extra movement caused by a two-plane swing (which is how traditional golf instructors teach you to swing the club) results in consistent inconsistency.

Moe instinctively developed a swing that removed all that extra motion and this “natural” swing was the key for his uncanny consistency.

I’m the only golfer who can hit the ball day in , day out where I want”Moe Norman

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2.  We also believe Moe’s incredible Single Plane Swing is by far the easiest, most efficient way to swing a golf club. Reading this book is a great primer to discovering that for yourself!

3.  Moe Norman was my close friend and mentor.  I promised him before he passed, that I would dedicate my career to helping other golfers learn his revolutionary techniques.

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