Stop Blowing Your Birdies
with Bad Putts

How good do you really want to be at golf? Do you really want to reach your full potential? Or are you content with where you're at? If not, watch the video and keep reading!!

An amazing drive, a perfect approach – it’s your best hole of the day! And then you not only blow the easy birdie, you miss the comebacker for par.

It’s not your fault. It’s the whole putting setup. You’re trying to line up your putter to a target at a 90-degree angle. Imagine trying to do that with a free-throw. It’d be impossible...

What you need is a solution that allows you to practice your putting stroke and aim your putts on line, so you can learn to trust your line, every time you putt!

Meet the H3 Putting Trainer built by Graves Golf!!

"About all there is to putting is to keep your head steady and the face of your putter square to the direction as you stroke the ball." 
- Tommy Armour, Three Time Major Champion

Now Available...The H3 Putting Trainer!

Graves Golf Co-Founder Tim Graves and the Master Instructor Team have developed a brand new training aid to help you work on the most important stroke during your golf game...the putting stroke!  Because putting is worth almost half of the game and relates to your full swing, you need to make sure you are practicing correctly.

We are excited to announce the release of the H3 Putting Trainer built by Graves Golf.  The H3 Putting Trainer is the next purchase you need to make for your bag.  We have several features to help you work on your putting stroke.  Check out some of the highlights:

  • Mirror for Eye and Shoulder Alignment to Create the Ideal Stroke
  • Easy to See Red Path and Face Lines, plus Blue Alignment Lines to Help the Putter Go Back Square
  • Putting Gates using Tees to Get Stroke Path Correct 
  • Raised Edges for Proper Stroke

We have a limited amount of H3 Putting Trainers available in this initial release, so get yours today for $49.99 before we still out.  You can also get the H3 Putting Trainer with a Putting String and Throw-a-Holes for a complete putting system.

Want to see the product training before purchasing?  Click here to view the product training page


What's Does H3 Mean?

Hands Leading

When you setup over the ball, we always recommend having your hands leading. This will take the loft off the putter and creates a better roll of the ball towards the hole.

If you don't have your hands leading, you can hit up on the ball which will result in not hitting the ball square and an uncontrolled ball roll.

Hands Down the Line

As you make your stroke, we want to ensure the path of the putter goes directly down your line. If you move in or outside the line, you will most likely miss the putt.

You can check your hands down the line using the putting string or looking at the red line on the H3 Putting Trainer and extend it to the club.

Hip Check

After you make your stoke, the butt end of your putter should be pointing at your hip.

If it is short putt or even a long putt, the fundamentals we teach has the butt end pointing at your hip. This will help prevent a cast or flip of the hands.

Get Your H3 Putting Trainer Today Before They Sell Out!!!


Want to get the full H3 Putting System with Putting String and Throw-a-Holes for $89.99, click below to order.


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