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The Greatest (And Only) Online Source Of On-Demand Single Plane Golf Instruction In The World!

The Inner Circle is an exclusive private membership.

Tim and I set it up for two main reasons…

  • REASON #1: To provide a continuous and updated collection of the latest cutting-edge training, feedback and instruction for mastering Moe Norman’s “Feeling Of Greatness” golf swing.


  • REASON #2: To provide a growing community for single plane golfers who want to share and inspire each other to take their golf game to its highest potential.

The Inner Circle is golfers who want to commit to success with their Single Plane Swing.

Everything within the password protected site is geared toward turning you into a ball-striking machine who would make Moe proud.

As a member you get access to content such as:

Our Most Popular Member Benefit…
Exclusive Live Training Webinars

During these LIVE, PRIVATE webinars, Tim and I break down the mechanics behind this swing adjustment. We explain exactly how to apply it within seconds… so… you can try it out the same day.

We also cover the following critical info Single Plane golfers must know:

  • The “signature” of great golfers envied by everyone on the links. (Want to command  instant respect from your golf buddies? Then this should be your number one priority on the practice range.)
  • How to shift your stance for each club in the bag and put yourself in the best position to hit the ball straight… no matter how horrible your shots were before!
  • 3 crucial swing elements poor strikers mess up… which… cause chronic slicing and hooking. (And how to fine tune these swing elements so you launch accurate strikes… every time!)
  • How to generate maximum clubhead speed… and… pound the stuffing out of the ball on every tee shot guaranteed! (Hint: 75% of speed is created at the top of the swing by just two leverage points.)
  • Why so many golfers suffer from back pain… and… the cure you’ll never read about in the golf magazines. (Watch any golfer out there who is not single plane trained [including all the pros] and you’ll see them making this back-wrenching mistake swing after swing. No wonder so many golfers wreck their bodies.)
  • Want to fix an awful slice, horrid hook or any other golf problem? Well, it may never happen… unless… you focus on the one thing most golfers overlook.
  • Why trying to break bad golf habits is a total waste of time… and… how to overcome ingrained tendencies playing havoc with your game now… while turning them into enormous advantages when you play. 
  • The biggest problem with conventional swings that will: (1) sap the natural power you possess… (2) force your shots to spray into the rough, out of bounds or in the nearest dreaded hazard… and… (3) tear your body to shreds in the long run.

You should know the above is the type of content from just ONE Inner Circle Private webinar.

Tim and I demonstrate what we discuss.

So you can see the correct swing positions and practice them yourself.

We spend almost a third of the webinars showing you the detailed training that you can’t get anywhere else.

The last section of every webinar, we take your questions live and give you immediate answers to whatever issues you might be having with your swing

When you watch the webinar… and… apply the simple adjustments with your swing (we show you how)… then… you’ll repeat a flawless single plane swing every time you step up to the ball.

Just like Moe Norman!

Sold separately, this exclusive golf instruction would go for at least $99.

However as a member, you can watch it over and over again as many times as you want.

But these private, members-only webinars are just the START of what you get in the Inner Circle…

The Invaluable Core Content of the Inner Circle:

These Key Elements Have Been The Cornerstone Of The Program For Years. It Remains The Largest Library Of Single Plane Instruction ANYWHERE!

  • Exclusive Video Content: Access hundreds of uninterrupted and commercial-free Single Plane instructional videos. All you need is an Internet connection. These videos are jam-packed with actionable tips and shortcuts to make you a better Single Plane golfer.
  • Moe Norman Video Archive: Watch the master himself explain his “Feeling of Greatness” swing. I’ve tracked down a number of Moe Norman Clinics, Training Videos and Interviews. Graves Golf Academy is the exclusive licensor. Which means, you won’t find these videos anywhere — at any price — in the world.
  • New Natural Golf Fundamentals: A couple of years ago, Graves Golf Academy bought out Natural Golf. So I shot a new video explaining the difference between the Natural Golf approach to Moe’s swing… and… the improved GGA approach taught to over 4,000 golfers. If you’ve ever wondered which way is best then watch this video.
  • Seven Principles Of Golf: The foundation of a great golf game depends upon knowing, understanding and applying these principles. That’s why we compiled several hours worth of quick clip videos about: the swing, short game, putting, equipment, course management, practice and mental game.
  • Caddie Clips: Upload these short videos to your hand-held device and take it to the course. Then, if you ever get caught in the rough… or need to hit the ball around a tree… or negotiate a water hazard between you and the cup… or end up in a number of other “quirky” situations… just watch the appropriate clip of me telling you exactly how to overcome that problem.
  • Moe vs. the Pros: Golfers always ask me if touring pros could improve by adopting the Single Plane swing. In these videos, we show you how Top PGA Pros like Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Chris DiMarco and others could… in fact… simplify their swing, take a ton of stress off their body and play at a higher standard by swinging like Moe. Side-by-side videos show you the difference between Moe and the pros so you see for yourself whose swing is better.
  • Before & After Swing Analysis: A number of GGA students (men, women, young and old) allowed us to share their swing analysis videos with Single Plane Academy members. You’ll be fascinated as we tweak their under-performing swings… and… turn them into consistent ball strikers.


And these are just the EXISTING features of the Inner Circle… It gets MUCH better… The new benefits below make…

The NEW Inner Circle is a MUST-HAVE for each and every one of you… and here’s why:

Because going forward, the Inner Circle will now ALSO provide:

  • A PRIVATE Inner-Circle-Members-Only Facebook Group. Meet friends, ask questions and get a closer look into the Graves Golf Academy than anyone else.  My team and I will personally provide content and communicate with Inner Circle members in this Facebook Group.
  • $10 in STACKING credit toward ANY 1, 2, 3 or 5 day GGA School for EVERY month you are a member. This is a cumulative benefit for as long as you are a member. (Keep reading to see how to get $120 in credit today)
  • Monthly Private Webinar Series with LIVE Q&A. Our private webinars feature advanced topics and content plus live Q&A sessions. Q&A will no longer be available on the “public” webinars.
  • Special pricing on Callaway equipment and “first dibs” on limited inventory offers.

Now, that is a lot to digest,
let me break it down for you here:

Inner Circle Members receive unprecedented access to my team and me PLUS other members in the Private Facebook Group. Stay up to date and have an easy portal to ask questions, get feedback, swap stories and meet new Single Plane friends.

Inner Circle Members also receive: $10 in monthly school credit every single month you’re a member as our way of giving back.  This is a fantastic way to attend any live GGA event with big savings. As long as you are a member, these credits do not expire. There is no limit to the number of credits you can accumulate and credits DO roll over year after year. AND credits can be used in conjunction with any other special offer! This is huge folks!

Now, the Private Facebook Group and the Cumulative School Credits ALONE make this program a no-brainer, but I want to make this IRRESISTIBLE!

This is a big one: You’re also getting access to our NEW Monthly PRIVATE Webinar Series (and replays). No one outside of the Inner Circle can attend these webinars OR see the replays. AND these Inner Circle Private Webinars are the only webinars that will have a Q&A session going forward.

The limited group size allows us to focus on the challenges that YOU face.  This alone is a $70+ a month value – not to mention instant access to ALL historical webinars. YES, they are that good:

Read What Dorothy Wrote About Our Last Private Live Webinar In February:

“Please share with the entire team how much all the time and energy spent presenting the various webinars and videos means to those who are truly devoted to improving their golf game.

We are not blind to the fact that hours and hours are spent in thought and preparation to what will be presented. I feel energized to work harder each time I receive a training email from you. Additionally, evening webinars means spending time away from your families.  That sacrifice is not taken lightly. I greatly appreciate what each of you do and I look forward to and set aside time to attend each presentation.”

So far, when you join the Inner Circle Today You’re Getting:

  1. Members Only Facebook Group With Access To Todd, Tim & Other Members ($30/month value)
  2. Cumulative Credits That Can Be Used For ANY School Event ($10/month cumulative value)
  3. Access To The LIVE, PRIVATE Members-Only Webinars And Q&A Sessions ($70/month value)
  4. Access To ALL Past Webinars PLUS Hundreds Of Hours Of Video Training & Moe Footage ($200+/month value)
  5. Special Pricing & Access To Callaway Equipment PLUS Early & Special Access To Limited Quantity Sales ($20+/month value)

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  2. Access To Private Webinars + Q&A ($70/month Value)
  3. Access To All Past Webinars + Training ($200+/month Value)
  4. Special Pricing & Access To Callaway & GGA Specials ($20+/month Value)

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