"My students have begged me to help them 'FEEL' Moe's Single Plane Swing..."

AT LAST: Get INSIDE The Legendary Swing of Moe Norman , Unlike Anything You've Seen Before... New Video Technology Finally Allows Me To Show You "The Feeling of Greatness"

"70 years old and still hit 280. I've never been sore... Because my move is so simple. The game's so easy - it's YOU who makes it tough. I only see one thing after every shot... happiness!"  -Moe Norman

The Single Plane Swing - there is nothing else like it.

Less body movement. A simpler setup. Easier to learn and easier to correct.

These are the facts. Yet there is more to this Superior Golf Swing than mechanical perfection - a LOT more...

Here's another FACT: Learning Moe's Legendary Swing wasn't easy for me... until...

[And now you can do this too...]
...Until I did ONE thing differently. Radically different. And if you were there that April morning - "different" might not be the word you'd reach for...

You might say "crazy" or worse!

Finish reading this short letter now and discover the simple change you can make right now that can take you from "practicing" the Single Plane Swing to OWNING it...

The photo above has made the rounds... but only tells part of the story of seeing the master...

This is a TRUE story...

So there I was – eyes closed, flat on my back in the middle of the tee box…

And as I opened my eyes and they slowly adjusted to the bright spring daylight… there he was…

Moe Norman… Gazing down at me with his telltale goofy grin.

He was standing over me. Setting up to take a shot.

You heard that right:

Moe straddled my head and was about to take a live swing at a golf ball parked less than a foot or two from my noggin.

So what on earth was I doing?

As crazy as it sounds, I was trying to see Moe’s incredible swing from an angle I’d never be able to see otherwise.

From that prone position between his legs, I clearly saw his hands, his club angle, his spine tilt…

All from an entirely new perspective. In a way that really put me INSIDE Moe’s legendary swing.

This was a breakthrough moment for me...

Most Single Plane Golfers don’t know about these “intimate” times I spent with Moe. Yet once I discovered the game-changing difference that these “first-person” vantage points made in my training, I was hooked.

I wanted to get “inside” and see and feel Moe’s swing from every angle I could.

Years later, I can look back at this time as a pivotal point in my learning.

By getting up-close and personal with Moe and his swing – from every angle I could, I was finally able to start getting my BODY to do what my eyes were seeing when I watched Moe swing…

I was able to match Moe’s model by FEELING his swing.

And it took these “close encounters” to get it done.

When you’re that close to the action – you get a new perspective on how to execute and FEEL the swing – no matter where you are with your golf game.

These powerful moments gave me the one critical connection I needed to put it all together. To achieve consistency, confidence, and more yards… every time I stepped up to swing.

You don't teach a pilot to fly by sitting on the runway watching jest land all day...

You don't teach a pilot to fly by sitting on the runway watching jets land all day...

Although I didn’t know it at that time, my previous struggle to "own" my swing was simple:

My brain simply could not get my body to replicate what it saw because it was from the outside looking in!

It makes perfect sense now…

But that first swing after a "close encounter" with Moe - oh was it sweet!

You don’t teach a pilot to become a pilot by having her sit on the runway watching jets fly by...

You teach her by putting her in the cockpit of a simulator – often with an experienced co-captain by her side. You can’t learn to fly a jet from the outside – and you can’t truly learn the Single Plane Swing from the outside looking in...

I almost instantly knew what I had been missing... I had been lacking that first person perspective on Moe’s swing.

Those, admittedly awkward, new vantage points provided me with a way to go from seeing the swing from a distance – to feeling the swing intimately – and executing it with consistency...

And that is why I am EXTREMELY excited to introduce you to a perspective that will change your Single Plane Swing...

It’s our most unique training ever created – and it is called...

Inside The Single Plane Swing

You can get the Inside Perspective that changed my Single Plane Swing forever....

With the advancement of technology, I am pleased to give you an Inside view of the Single Plane Swing unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

It is our first training – and the only training of its kind – designed to get you INSIDE the swing of Golf’s greatest ball striker.

Cutting edge camera angles and drone footage combined with precision labeling of pressure points, swing arcs, and checkpoints, make this an absolute MUST-HAVE for any Single Plane Golfer who wants to see real results.

This is the training that you’ve been waiting for. Something truly new, different and most importantly – effective. I am EXTREMELY proud of this production and firmly believe that it is a key element to EVERY Single Plane Golfer...

BONUS: Your Step-By-Step Printed Pocket Guide

This is a 28-page printed guide you can carry around in your back pocket with full-color photos and step-by-step instruction for every check point we teach you in the DVDs.

So this booklet allows me to go to the range with you and tell you what to do. It’s in this book.

BONUS: Swing Analysis DVD

This is a 28-page printed guide you can carry around in your back pocket with full-color photos and step-by-step instruction for every check point we teach you in the DVDs.

So this booklet allows me to go to the range with you and tell you what to do. It’s in this book.

In this bonus DVD, I’ll teach you the proper methods I use to analyze the footage and the checkpoints I look for.

On this DVD, you’ll also get a new pivot/rotation drill guaranteed to get you rotating properly in the backswing and using new camera angles so you really see the motion.

And you’ll also get additional drone and POV footage of me hitting with the driver and 6-iron in super slow motion.

I’m confident you’ll love every minute of the “new perspectives" you get from the DVDs.

So How Much Is All This Going To Set You Back?

Well hang on, because I’m about to hand you something HUGE…

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