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The Graves Golf Academy Single Plane Solution Drills Video:
Making “Feel” Real

$67 Value
Format: DVD

In this exciting video, you’ll discover…

  • How Moe addressed the ball and why a bad foundation causes inconsistency and poor ball-striking
  • How to feel and master the perfect address position
  • How to learn the ideal positions the golf swing
  • How to make the proper swing positions with the PVC Drill
  • How to know what ideal positions feel like with a golf club
  • How to identify the exact point in the backswing when the hands hinge
  • How to develop a perfectly on plane backswing
  • How to always know the right moment to transition to the downswing
  • How to better understand the club’s angle of approach into the ball
  • How to achieve the perfect hand action into the downswing and impact
  • How to transition from proper impact to letting the club release.
  • How to work on the proper lower body, leg and knee movement during the swing.
  • How to feel the proper shoulder and club plane
  • The importance of proper spine positioning
  • How to train the proper shoulder motion to allow the hands to always lead

And much, much more!

Short Game Drills Featuring Tim Graves

$47 Value
Format: DVD

Tim Graves is your guide through nine essential drills to improve your putting, chipping and pitching. This DVD is your essential guide to improving the SCORING aspect of your game.

You’ll discover simple and effective drills that explain…

  • How to properly hit the ball on the upward movement of the putter and to put the proper over-spin, creating the ideal roll of the ball
  • How to learn the 3rd important area of putting – proper speed control
  • How to get the proper chipping finish
  • How to strike the ball solidly or hit down properly on the ball
  • How to roll the ball correctly when chipping
  • How to get enough loft on the club when you pitch
  • How to have the proper lower body movement while pitching
  • How to get the proper contact on the ball for your pitch shots

And Much More!

Single Plane Swing Drills eBook

$47 Value
  • Highlights of drills in the “Making Feel Real” DVD
  • Your go-to guide and quick reference for all official GGA’s Single Plane Golf Swing drills
  • Simple and easy to understand instructions

Secrets of the Grip Video

$37 Value
  • Discover the proper pressure points of the hand
  • Learn how the grip helps the wrist action… to give you straighter and longer shots
  • The easiest way to get more speed with less effort

Secrets of the Leg Action Video

$37 Value


  • Take stress off back
  • Simplify getting back into impact
  • Develop more solid contact
I have been following you for a long time and purchased most of videos
and training aids, but the Drills video is the most helpful thing that
you have put out to improve my game. I have definite things to work
on now (in my garage) and my score is beginning to reflect it. I am
thinking my game is going to get more consistent.
I do enjoy the Webinars and get a lot from you and Tim.
Thank youRalph Greenway