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With Alignment & Ball Position Trainer (ABT) You Learn and Feel All The Critical Fundamentals Required To Hit The Ball Where You're Aiming

With the Alignment and Ball Position Trainer, you practice and feel the perfect Single Plane Address setup including...

The proper stance width with every club in the bag...

The ideal distance from the ball...

The ideal ball position with woods and irons...

And practice the perfect setup for direction and aim.

You feel and practice the relationship between ball position, stance width, and foot position...

And ingrain everything in your address so your new setup is built...perfectly.

The Feeling of Greatness™ Training Club

You'll get amazing and immediate benefits from swinging with the Feeling of Greatness™ Training Grip & Club:

Your grip is the foundation of your golf swing.

The Shape and Design of our molded grip place the hands in the exact position for the Single Plane swing.

Both overlapping and 10 finger hand positions are covered.

Markings and Texture indicate the correct “pressure points”.

When your hands are placed correctly, you will naturally increase your clubhead speed.

Specially weighted so you can actually hit balls with this club.

Designed to help you "transition" from practice, to the range, and finally the course.

The 'Feeling Of Greatness' training club is the same length as a standard 6 iron.

Received the Feeling Of Greatness training club the other day and I have to tell you that thing is the king! Even my wife, who has seen zero of your videos, hit the ball straighter after holding the training club for about 30 seconds. It was crazy. I hit a few with the trainer then hit my 6 iron and I was noticeably better right away.

Rolf C.

Indianapolis, IN

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Build and ingrain your New single plane swing with a 15-minute-a-day practice guide and planner designed around your new training aids.

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BONUS #2: Cracking Your Single Plane Code

In this video training, we show you how to analyze your swing right from your phone.

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