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“Purity of Technique”

Do you want to play the best golf of your life?

It sounds crazy, but that's exactly what my Purify Your Swing Masterclass can do.

I've designed a program to help you raise your standards of excellence and push you to new levels.

And once you complete your 6 week training, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to take your game to the next level and knock 5 strokes off your normal score...


Yeah, you heard that right.

You'll no longer have to buy program after program to figure out why you fail to see lasting improvement.

The great shots will just happen automatically, because you'll KNOW how to make them happen.

But how do you actually get to this level?

How do you turn the chunks, flubs, shanks, and thins into a smooth, solid strike that comes off the face like butter and settles in the perfect spot?

That's exactly what I’m about to show you...

TRUTH: The Fastest Way to Master Your Swing is To Find "The Purity of Technique"...

(And It's Easier Than You Think) 

Look, this Masterclass isn't about just putting out more instruction. By now you've probably already developed your swing.

But, no matter how far you can drive the ball…no matter how much more constistent you are than anyone else in your group…no matter how dialed in your woods, irons, and hybrids might be…

There is ALWAYS room for improvement.


Together we are going to find the little things that you're doing wrong and improve upon each one. So that the results of those little improvements combine into something spectacular... The Purity of Technique!

So whether you're:

  • An Newbie Golfer who is just learning the game
  • An Intermediate Golfer who is trying to break 80 but just can't seem to cut those bad habit
  • Or and Advanced Golfer who want to crank it up to another level

Your Step-By-Step Blueprint to Seeing Lasting Improvement In Your Golf Game…FAST!

This Purify Your Swing Masterclass will give you the proven methods to taking your swing to another level.

Inside the Masterclass, you’ll discover the same process I use to seek improvement each and every week…

I’m handing you EVERYTHING I would do if I had to build a swing all over again from scratch…developed over 20+ years of studying, research, practice and experience.

The Purify Your Swing Masterclass consists of 6 weeks of in-depth video lessons that hand you my most comprehensive training on how to sharpen your skills and start knocking those snowmen off your card for good…

Masterclass Breakdown:

Program Details and Description

Week 1: The Address

  • Lesson 1: Moe’s last lesson to Todd
  • Lesson 2: Meet your classmate!
  • Lesson 3: What to look for when making a change
  • Lesson 4: Learn Moe’s Hand/Arm Position
  • Lesson 5: Understand spine tilt what is actually happening when we side bend
  • Lesson 6: Learn the proper feelings for your lower body at address
  • Lesson 7: Learn how to find external feedback with training aids and mirrors
  • Lesson 8: How to analyze and correct yourself with video
  • Lesson 9: How to drill in your perfect address position
  • Lesson 10: Stabilization Techniques to reinforce an easy address position
  • Lesson 11: Stop the Yips… by eating!

Week 2: The Backswing

  • Lesson 1: How would Todd relearn the Single Plane Swing if he had to do it over again
  • Lesson 2: How to take the club away without lateral movement
  • Lesson 3: How to properly fold the trailing arm
  • Lesson 4: Learn what feeling you must have when taking the club away
  • Lesson 5: What to look for on video of your backswing
  • Lesson 6: Ideal body movements to immediately improve your backswing
  • Lesson 7: Kickstart your game with a pre round meal specific for you

Week 3: Transition

  • Lesson 1: How Todd learned the importance of Moe’s “Buckle, Sit, Slide and Bump”
  • Lesson 2: How to guarantee you get your knee to start the downswing
  • Lesson 3: Learn and then relearn the latest is body separation
  • Lesson 4: How to force your body to understand Moe’s vertical drop
  • Lesson 5: What does your classmate say about the transition
  • Lesson 6: How to know if your dropping properly
  • Lesson 7: Learn a body matrix purely designed for speed
  • Lesson 8: Learn how that little snack you had at the turn might be wreaking havoc on your game

Week 4:  The Downswing & Impact 

  • Lesson 1: How technique equals power
  • Lesson 2: Learn how to optimize your bodies rotation without pain
  • Lesson 3: Stop coming over the top
  • Lesson 4: Secret to distance and power
  • Lesson 5: How the perfect downswing must feel
  • Lesson 6: Learn how to always know if you’re hitting down
  • Lesson 7: Raw power to gain you yardage
  • Lesson 8: The effect of food on your score

Week 5: The Release & Finish

  • Lesson 1: Pull the Flag Out of the Hole
  • Lesson 2: Understand both sides of the Single Plane
  • Lesson 3: Don’t fall for the wrong finish
  • Lesson 4: Learn to finally stop lifting that heel!
  • Lesson 5: Stop motion drill to feel Moe’s feel
  • Lesson 6: Love your swing in the mirror
  • Lesson 7: Balance for your game and your life
  • Lesson 8: Optimize your practice session

Week 6:  MOEmentum Week

  • Lesson 1: Constant and Never Ending Improvement
  • Lesson 1: Learn Moementum and how to make it yours
  • Lesson 2: Understand the routine used by professionals to keep them sharp
  • Lesson 3: Learn Todd’s favorite drills to maintain Moe’s Purity of Technique
  • Lesson 4: Best Fault and Fixes for your swing through motion
  • Lesson 5: Sponge technique and it effects your body

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We’re so confident that the Purify Your Swing Masterclass is your ticket to playing better golf with lower scores that we’ll back it up with this promise…

Give this class a complete test-drive for a full 90 days. Implement the fundamental movements into your short game. Take a couple of hours a week to practice these methods. And if, in any way, you’re not satisfied with the results or you’re not seeing at least a 5 stroke decrease in your game for the better within those 90 days, then simply let us know and we’ll arrange to refund 100% of your payment. 

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