WARNING: If You Want To Be More Consistent, Play Without Pain Forever, Gain Confidence, Have More Fun And Shoot Lower Scores - You Need to Read This!

Let me ask if this makes sense to you…

You're a single plane golfer who wants a clear, concise and lightning-fast way to improve your game - quickly and permanently.


You’re also excited about the simplicity and ease of the Single Plane Swing and what Graves Golf instruction can do for your game, helping you become more consistent, hitting the ball solid and more accurately. 

And being more consistent is great but you also want longevity where you can play golf forever - pain-free.

And now that you are more consistent and playing longer, of course, you want to shoot lower scores.

And when you shoot lower scores, you also want to have confidence in your game that YOU respect and your friends admire and most of all…

You want to have more FUN playing golf.

In short, you're a Single Plane Golfer who wants all of these great results... and you want it now!

 Hi, I’m Tim Graves, co-founder of Graves Golf.

Now, you may be wondering where to start or that you must travel across the country and spend thousands of dollars to attend a golf school in order to get quality, personalized single plane instruction to achieve success. Or you may even feel like you’ve got to figure it all out on your own. 


Well, I’m here to show you how you can:  become more consistent, play golf longer – pain-free, gain & have more  confidence and respect for your game, shoot lower scores, and most of all, have more fun.  

Achieving those goals are what we call becoming a Single Plane 360 golfer and you can accomplish them from wherever you are, anytime and anywhere. 

However, in order to become a Single Plane 360 Golfer, you are going to need clear, concise, easy-to-access Single Plane instruction and our exclusive Graves Golf Training System.  

The Graves Golf Training System starts with recognizing that there are separate areas of the game to learn including: The Swing, Short Game and Putting.  

One way to explain the system is represented by a Triangle. The Steps of the triangle represent the process to master the skill in each part of the game including the Foundation, Position, Sequence, and Application.

Foundations are the basics of each skill such as the Address Position of the Swing, Short Game and Putting.  

Positions are the body’s positions that must be in place to make a better Swing Motion, Chipping Motion or Putting Stroke.

Sequence is where you put the foundation and positions together to make it all work.

Finally, Application is where you must be able to utilize your new skill and take it to the course to shoot lower scores.

The beauty of the Graves Golf Training System it is designed to help you progress quickly.  That’s why it also includes Accelerators. These are ways to speed up your learning and include;

  • Feedback from Training aids and Coaches
  • Equipment that fits your perfect Single Plane game
  • Repetition through continual Instruction and Coaching.  

 So, what exactly is a Single Plane 360 Golfer? Let me explain.

As you progress closer to mastery in each “area” or triangle, all of these areas come together you become a well-rounded Single Plane 360 Golfer.

The Graves Golf Training System speeds up your learning to help you quickly transform into a Single Plane 360-degree golfer - helping you become more consistent, have more fun, gain longevity, achieve confidence and lower your scores.  

Imagine for a moment what your golf life would be like if you could:

Receive personalized, one on one instruction from our team of instructors, from anywhere, at any time.  

Imagine sending coaches unlimited videos of any part of your game that you’re struggling with.  And, after a brief review and comparison to the Graves Golf Training System, you could get personalized, specific training to help you improve.  

Plus, how would you like to have customized 90-day practice plans tailored to help you fast-track becoming a complete Single Plane 360 golfer.

Just think if you could …

Have immediate and convenient access to the Graves Golf video instruction, enhancing the personalized coaching you received to rapidly become a Single Plane 360 golfer.  

Whether you’re on the range or at home – everything you need is on your mobile phone, tablet, streaming TV device, or computer.

Within seconds, you could search the entire Single Plane video library to find the full swing, short game, or putting training to accelerate your success.  Better yet, when you switch devices, you could pick up right where you left off!  

Need focus on what to practice?

Get clear and concise weekly training.  Regardless of the time of year, you’ll be guided by our coaches through the Graves Golf training system - accelerating your Single Plane 360 golf journey.

Want to meet other Single Plane Golfers?

Picture yourself being a part of the Single Plane 360 community - getting common questions answered from a Coach at Graves Golf live training events – which are available to replay if you miss the event.

Got a quick question?

Consider having direct access to our exclusive Concierge coaching service, where any time you have questions or get stuck, answers  are just a text, email, or phone call away. Best of all, our coaches respond directly with drills and training to solve your problem.  

You want some motivation?

Envision yourself viewing hours of exclusive archival footage of the original Single Plane 360 golfer - Moe Norman with videos of his golf game from throughout his life and career.  You will be able to witness Maverick Moe, the Single Plane Model, in rare footage demonstrating his amazing Single Plane Swing.

Does becoming more consistent, having more fun, gaining pain-free longevity, achieving confidence, having more fun and lowering your scores get you excited?

 Well, you don't have to imagine it because I'd like to invite you to start your Single Plane 360 golfer journey by joining thousands of other golfers, just like you, inside the Graves Golf Single Plane Academy.  


At the core of the Single Plane Academy is our brand-new exclusive, easy to access app, Graves Golf On-Demand, the primary accelerator to becoming a Single Plane 360 Golfer.  


In its simplest terms, Graves Golf On-Demand is the "Netflix format" for all the Single Plane Video Instruction you need to succeed! 

It is the hub for all training content and the video instructional accelerators of your Single Plane Academy membership.


With Graves Golf On-Demand as the virtual resource of Single Plane Academy membership, you can quickly and easily shortcut the learning process of your single plane swing and game. 

Let me give you an example:

  • Have trouble with your Grip? Simply use the search function of the app to find instructions on how to place your hands on the club.

  • You want to shave strokes on the green? On Graves Golf On-Demand you will find drills and tips where you can learn how to become a great putter and take it to the course.

  • You want to hit the ball solid and perfect your single plane swing?  Open the app and in moments, you’re feeling the ideal club movement using the Single Plane Position Trainer guided by the Product Training videos.

  • Curious about how properly fit clubs can improve your ball-striking?  Just log on and I’ll walk you through our fitting process, methodology, and more.

  • Feeling rebellious? Be entertained by watching Maverick Moe Norman perform with his Single Plane Swing, by scrolling to the Moe Norman Archives, and enjoy watching the best ball striker to ever live.

Bottom Line:  Graves Golf on Demand, powered by your Single Plane Academy membership, is the simplest and most convenient way to jump start your journey to becoming a Single Plane 360 Golfer where you are more consistent, have fun, gain longevity, achieve confidence and lower your scores...

...and you can start that journey without leaving your couch!

A Single Plane Academy membership is the primary accelerator and very best online training experience on your journey to becoming a Single Plane 360 Golfer.

Now, we all expect that receiving personal instruction from coaches is expensive and you might think this member benefit alone would thousands of dollars.


However, for a limited time, membership costs only $495 (regularly $999) for one entire year or $54 per month (regularly $99) for unlimited personal coaching and access to Graves Golf On Demand and all of the member benefits. 

But, you need to act on this now because if you don't, you’ll be left guessing, trying to improve your game all on your own, getting frustrated with the lack of progress like so many golfers that don’t have the coaching accessible only inside of the Single Plane Academy.

This is your opportunity to:

  • Receive personalized, one-on-one coaching from a Graves Golf instructor
  • Stop guessing by receiving structured 90-day practice plans.
  • Enjoy member pricing for Single Plane products.
  • Have one easy-to-access app, on all of your devices for all content and instruction for your game, ensuring productive training sessions.
  • Get priority support anytime you need it.
  • Receive massive benefits on club trade-ins - 50% BONUS credits only available to members
  • View live training events to speed up your path to becoming a Single Plane 360 golfer.
  • Earn cash credits towards any Single Plane Golf school.
  • and much, much more!

That’s right, you earn school credits, special pricing, and exclusive discounts just for being a member.

With so many benefits for only $495 annually (a 50% discount off retail), The Single Plane Academy membership pays for itself!

Best of all?... You'll start seeing results with your Single Plane Academy Membership in a few short weeks - and it costs less than a few private lessons each year.


Now with all of the great benefits and the great price, it is a great time to become a Single Plane Academy Member because…If you join today, I’m going to sweeten the deal with a fast-acting bonus:

Check this out. 

Now normally when you enroll in our annual rate, you get $240 in school credit back in your pocket every single year… Now that’s a GREAT deal.  $240 back for paying barely $41 per month for UNLIMITED coaching.

But if you act NOW: I'll Give You $120 in Bonus Credit Towards Your Next School...That's $360 TOTAL!!!

Call me crazy, but that’s how committed we are to making you’re a 360 Golfer.

Now I should probably stop there… but I won’t.

For the first 300 students who jump on this offer, I’ll also send you a phone holder to help you hold your phone as you video you swing to send to the coaches and I’m going to throw in a Graves Golf towel to help you keep your clubs clean while you practice…

That’s another $100 in value.  So it’s really like paying $35 for the whole year of coaching when you include all the school credits and gear you get with this offer.

So in reality, you're paying $11.25 a month for UNLIMITED coaching...THAT'S INSANE!

Act quickly to transform into a Single Plane 360 Golfer where you become more consistent, have fun, gain longevity, achieve confidence, and lower your scores.

Annual Membership Option

Best Value and Receive New Member Bonus package

Limited-Time Special Offer!
Join today for Just $495

Membership Price Increases to $699 on February 1st (NOW FEB. 7th)

(You'll be locked into that discounted rate for as long as you keep your membership!)


You missed out!

New Annual Members will receive the additional $120 in school credits, phone holder, golf towel and other new member bonuses!

Monthly Membership Option

Regular Price: $99/month

Join today for Just $54/month

(you'll be locked into that discounted rate for as long as you keep your membership!)

Please note that new monthly members will NOT receive added bonuses, but will retain all member benefits.

"With Graves Golf I feel as though I have found a complete system. Each position and all the rep’s really works…I’m enjoying the journey and confident I will end up with a swing that works for me.” - Ron B

"Any conventional swing lesson I have had I was told what to do but could never understand why. (With the Single Plane Swing) there is a reason for every position that's easy to understand why. Also there is a model to follow." - Dave K

"I had back pain every time I played or practiced. I have had practice sessions of over 3 Hours with no back pain with the Single Plane Swing." - Len D.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

And I’m so confident that you’ll improve your game and love being a Single Plane Academy member that…

If at the end of the 30 days you don’t think it’s for you, simply shoot us an email and we will refund you in FULL!  No questions asked, no hard feelings!


That’s how confident I am that you’re going to love being a member. Now, here’s the deal…

Membership is limited….So you must act quickly because the coaches can only handle a limited number of new members and after February 1st, (extended to February 7th) the discounted price is increasing to $699 per year or $99 per month.  


You missed out!

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