If I could give you a 100% Guarantee that your game would improve, would that interest you?

  • What if our team could walk you, step by step, through mastering each part of your game?
  • What if you knew EXACTLY what ONE THING you should be working on right now?
  • What if you had a coach that kept you on track to reach your goals with your game?
  • What would it be worth to know, without any doubt, that you were practicing correctly every single time you picked up a club?

With our exclusive Graves Golf Training System, your Improvement isn't just Guaranteed, it's Inevitable

(And in over 20 years, it has never failed) 

This proprietary system is reserved for only our most serious students.  For the golfers who want to not just hit the ball a couple extra yards once in a while, but those who want to take their total game to an entirely new level.  

If you are a golfer who not only wants to break 90 for the first time, but flirt with level par regularly, then see the video below for more details about how the Graves Golf Training System inside the Single Plane Academy can help you achieve those goals sooner rather than later.

If becoming a Single Plane 360 Golfer sounds good to you (and why wouldn't it?), then you must join the Single Plane Academy right now!  

Our Single Plane Academy is the "university" of the Single Plane Golf universe.  The core mission is simple and concise - to help YOU become the golfer you dream of being.

Membership brings many benefits, including:

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Improvement & Gain Membership Benefits


Good Value


Better Value


Best Value!




$54/month after month 3


$999 retail value

Graves Golf On-Demand Access

Unlimited Personalized Video Coaching w/ Graves Coaches

Members Only Monthly Broadcasts

Weekly Coaching Videos & Tips

Members Only Discounts

25% In store, Special Member Pricing for Schools

Earn Cash Credits towards Schools

$20 per month of membership

Archived Webinars to enjoy at your leisure

Additional 50% club trade in bonus

Avg. $500-700 extra trade value for full set

Avg. $500-700 extra trade value for full set

Avg. $500-700 extra trade value for full set

Access to 2 Day "Home"School

$499 value

FREE Bonus

How To Practice Like a Pro Masterclass

$497 value

FREE Bonus

Purify Your Swing Masterclass

$497 value

FREE Bonus

Course Management Masterclass

$497 value

FREE Bonus

Total Bonus Value


$3,489 retail

Your cost today

$49 monthly

$139 quarterly

$54/month after month 3

$495 annually



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Your Game Improves in 90 Days or You Don’t Pay a Penny…

We’re so confident that Single Plane Academy membership is your ticket to guaranteed improvement that we’ll back it up with this promise…

Give the program a complete test-drive for a full 90 days. Complete the Single Plane Swing & Putting Resets currently available, and if, in any way, you’re not satisfied with the results or you’re not seeing positive direction towards your goals within those 90 days, then simply let us know and we’ll arrange to refund 100% of your payment.

So really, you have nothing to lose here and EVERYTHING to gain. What’s stopping you? 

Do yourself a favor—snatch up this amazing training NOW and don't waste another day. Simply choose your best option above and let’s take that first step towards transforming you into a Single Plane 360 golfer!



You missed out!

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