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To me, your webinars and random video tips are a major strength of your program that no else offers. If a person can’t learn to really enjoy this game with all your teaching and training aids, either they need to really start paying attention to what you provide or they should take up bowling, because you can’t fail with this system, even at age 76!

Greg Koon

I just got the single plane DVD last weekend. I watched it twice and I immediately got the idea to implement the main principles on my swing. During my first round I could not believe the improvement in direction and distance. Most of my drives were straight and roughly 225 to 250 yards long. Not too bad for a 72 year old man. My irons were equally good. My fellow players kept asking me what I was doing different and I just told them get Todd’s DVDs. Thank you for making the swing plane solution so easy to understand.

Roger Duarte

I am 70 years of age, have been a steady 10 handicap for a few years, but of late developed the tendency to hook, or pull hook. Been using the single pane swing now for just two months and I can say without hesitation it not only works, but makes a lot of good sense. I recommend it to all golfers, and it is a boost to us senior golfers when age causes some flexibility issues.

Denis Whitehead Severn