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 The Swing Plane Golf Swing: Play Better Golf The Moe Norman Way 

AT LAST: a SIMPLE WAY to swing the golf club with more accuracy, hitting more fairways and doing so with less pain than you did in your 20's

Now you can finally discover how to hit shot after shot as straight as you can point... with the consistent control, explosive power and pinpoint accuracy everyone promises to show you... but no one else teaches!

What I'm going to revel today is...

  • Why one-million plus golfers quit the game every year... and... how to avoid being of them.
  • Why the average golfer has not improved his scoring in over 50 years of golf technology breakthroughs and new ways to teach the game.
  • How to eliminate the big golf swing mistake guaranteed to complicate the game for no good reason.
  • Why you must question current golf fundamentals if you want to get better quickly!
  • A simple question you must ask to take the mystery out of hitting a golf ball the right way every time!
  • Where to start your golf swing at address for perfect impact!
  • How to know -- for sure -- you are practicing correctly! (Don't even think about going to
    the practice tee until you see this!)
  • How to stop the frustration and start having fun on the golf course!

You see, there’s one particular element of the “conventional” swing – and every variation of it – that can doom you to a life of inconsistency, wandering drives, frustration … and often injury.

It’s what I call…

The One Mistake

Like me, and pretty much every other golfer I know, you were most likely taught to let the one mistake your arms hang from your shoulders, straight down toward your knees.

The trouble is…

This is NOT where you end up at the moment of impacting the ball. This method of swinging a club creates a dual plane effect as you come down on a different plane than you went back.

“So what?” you might ask.

Well, this dual plane effect is the whole problem. It actually robs your swing of power and accuracy, destroys any hope for dependable repeatability, and can leave your body (especially your back and shoulders) feeling tired and sore for days on end.

This “hanging arms” position at address has many negative effects, including:

... Increasing the upward motion of your spine in order to make contact

… exaggerating body movement (which, coupled with the additional tension created, causes greater wear and tear on your joints and muscles) 

… necessitating a tremendous need for timing of numerous small movements like hinging your wrists just the right amount at just the right time.

The end result of all this extra movement and split-second timing is a frustrating inconsistency in your swing.

(THIS is why one day everything might be going your way … and then the next day your game is in the dumpster. Sometimes it can change from hole to hole. But Moe Norman could drop a thousand balls all within a few yards of each other!)

Now you can begin to understand why you haven’t been hitting the ball straight.

Doesn’t it make more sense to start the swing where you want it to end up – right at the point of impact?

We're Out To

 Teach A Few "Old Dogs" Some New Tricks

Let’s face it (since there’s little else we can do): We’re not getting any younger.

And the older we get, the more painful and difficult golf can become. So we start looking for an easier way to keep playing this game we love.

But for most of us, that by itself isn’t enough … because we still want to get better, too.

And “getting better” means something’s gotta change!

After all … like the old saying goes: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way every time, and expecting different results!”

Interestingly (and sadly) a lot of guys who come to me for help feel they’re just too old to change, that they can’t learn something new at this point.

And a big part of my job is helping them see that you’re not too old until the day they nail down the lid on that ol’ pine box. (Once they’ve accepted that, improving their game becomes a piece of cake!)

And let me tell you…

Helping these guys overcome their “One Big Mistake” brain-washing

… showing them how to “hit like Moe”

… and seeing the smiles, and looks of pure ecstatic joy that spread across their face when they “nail it” and start cracking drive after drive straight down the fairway, dropping them where they’ve said they would…

THAT is my happiness!

That’s why, together with my brother Tim (who is a PGA member himself with numerous course records and tournament wins) I opened the Graves Golf Academy in 2000.

Our mission is to teach Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing, and help both recreational and competitive golfers improve their game to the highest levels.

More than 63,856 golfers have come to us for help because they’d been struggling with their game for years – even lifetimes.

They’ve usually had many lessons, and maybe attended other golf schools, but find “quick tips” haven’t helped them, long term.

Ours is a long term solution – a lifetime solution.

It takes practice … and it takes some time. And it is SO worth it! Everything you put into this will come back to you multiplied many times over.

Like I said … it’s worth it.

Anyone expecting to simply “unlearn” their old swing and turn their game around in a weekend though, has lost their grip on reality. Most serious golfers already know this, of course.

PLEASE NOTE: You might work with this swing a month or two – or even more – before you really start making it yours, and your game starts living up to our promises.

At first, it might even get worse. That’s normal though, as you shake off your old programming.


Give yourself, and this swing, the chance you deserve. Because once it starts … you’ll be absolutely amazed by how quickly your improvement comes.

So what is it that sets Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing apart from (and above!) anything else you may have tried?

Moe Norman's Single Plane Golf Swing
The Easiest Way To Hit A Golf Ball

Look, hitting a golf ball better is about returning the club to impact with the least amount of moving effort. This is crucial to understand.

Unlike traditional swings, the Single Plane Swing starts in the same position as the shaft ends up at impact.

Which means, less moving parts to the swing.

The mechanics are easier to learn and repeat. Thereby simplifying ball-striking for anyone.

The Single Plane Swing simplifies the game of golf for you in a way conventional instruction just can’t. Now you can forget about all that mumbo-jumbo like “X factor” in your golf swing.

And because the swing is easier on the body and has fewer moving parts, it’s much easier to learn than you might suspect. (For one thing, there are no complicated, power-robbing timing issues working against you.)

Here are just a few more benefits of the Single Plane Swing:

Allows The Body To Stabilize And Lets Your Arms Explode At Impact For Mega-Distance

One of the exciting benefits of this swing is all the new power you'll generate.

By keeping your club and body on plane you load the down stroke with explosive power.

The follow through blasts the ball into the air for near-perfect shots from the tee box or the fairway.

You'll love all the extra yards this simplified swing gives you.

Automatically Puts You In The Correct
Position To Hit The Ball Straight

Straight towering shots are the hallmark of great golfers.

The Single Plane Swing practically guarantees you strike the ball with precision. Because you start the swing at the point of impact!

This simple shift in body and club positioning keeps the ball on target. Right from the start of the swing. You can't screw up. Because the swing does not start at one point and end up at another. That extra action is what throws the club head off course.

With the Single Plane Swing, the club head finishes where it started!

Reduces Stress On The Back,
Elbows And Body

The Single Plane Golf Swing maintains the club shaft and spine/intersect from address to impact. Allowing for a smooth-as-silk swing motion.

The amount of upward motion of the spine is reduced.

Minimizing the stress on the spine and overall stress on the body. The ripple effect also reduces the movement of the body and results in more consistency.

Generates Maximum Efficiency
From Each Swing

Efficiency comes from getting more out of less.

The Single Plane Swing requires less rotation of the body... and... less upward compression of the back. In other words, less stressful body movement.

Due to superior bio-mechanics, it produces increased power and force... but... with lower energy output. (Perfect for older golfers who need to conserve energy.)

We believe there’s only one way to teach this swing: By modeling Moe Norman exactly!

At Graves Golf, we teach you the Single Plane Swing in its purest form – true to Moe Norman, who developed it and mastered it.

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That's what Moe Norman called... The Feeling Of Greatness!

It's yours for the taking so go ahead and get it now...

Todd Graves

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