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The typical golfer just goes to the range and hits shot after shot without great results. Never works on putting, chipping or pitching..It’s not a very efficient or effective practice session.

What most of us don't know is that if we spend more time on our short game, that's the quickest way to take strokes off and put ourselves at the top of the leaderboard.

Fact - 70% of scoring is from 100 yards and in of the green.

But what if you could improve your full golf swing while practicing your short game...basically two birds with one stone. 

There is a way!  Keep reading...

  • Full swing lessons are great to work on your Single Plane Swing and will help lower your score, but they don't do it anywhere near as quickly or as effectively as short game lessons. 
  • By improving your technique in the short game, you will also see improved results in your swing on full shots.
  • Improving your short game will lower your scores the quickest and training can be done indoors or outdoors.

A Putt is a Smaller Version of Your Full Swing

When you think about the swing for a putt it’s not that much different than your full swing.

The swing starts at the setup, the clubhead moves back, the clubhead travels down the line and strikes the ball, and then the clubhead finishes forward. 

The only difference is that the swing is smaller.

Being that it’s the same motion, improving your putting stroke will lead to an improved full swing. 

It’s also effective because the putting stroke encompasses the important areas of the golf swing.

Check out this video...

It’s Easier to Make Changes with Smaller Swings

Making the change from conventional to Single Plane and implementing a swing change can make it difficult to get the proper feeling. 

Whether you’re working on less wrist hinge in the backswing, leading more with the hands at impact, or finishing more left in the follow through it’s not easy to grab a 6 iron and just start hitting. 

This is where the pitch shot makes it easier. 

Let’s say you want to lead more with the hands at impact. Start with a short pitch shot and get the feel.

After several shots you’ll have a better idea of where you should be. Next, move up to a bigger (50 yard) pitch and try to maintain the feeling. 

Then move up to an even bigger (70-80 yard) pitch shot and continue developing the feel.

Finally, you’ll get to the full swing and it will be easier to maintain because you started small and worked your way up.

It’s a more efficient way to introduce swing changes.

Pitching Teaches You to Control the Motion of Your Hands

The way your hands work in the golf swing and the way your hands work in relation to your body play a big role in your ball striking success.

Hitting good pitch shots requires your hands to lead the clubhead through impact and for your hands and body to move together.

If your hands move faster than the body you’ll mishit shots. If your body moves too fast your hands will get left behind.

As stated earlier it is much easier to get a feel with shorter swings.

Practice your pitch shots and feel the hands and body moving at the same speed.

Once you get this down it will be easier to translate to your full swing.

You will also start to feel your hands leading the clubhead through impact which will result in more consistent shots. See how...

So What Is Two Birds with One Stone?

At the top of this page, we said we could help you reduce 5-10 strokes. So how are we going to do that? 
Answer: Training Your Short Game...Putting, Chipping and Pitching!

But by working on your short game, you will also drastically improve your full swing...that's where our Two Birds with One Stone DVD comes in. 

In Two Birds with One Stone DVD, we will cover outdoors…

  • Relationship between the short game and full swing
  • The proper way to use training aids
  • Putting fundamentals and drills
  • Chipping fundamentals and drills
  • Pitching fundamentals and drills
  • Pitching Toe-Up-Toe-Over Drill
  • Five-Ball Putting Challenge and much more...

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