"Why Swinging The Golf Club On A Single Plane is 10X Easier To Hit Straight Golf Shots Than A Conventional 'Two Plane' Golf Swing...

... and How You Can Use It To Start Hitting More Fairways Every Time You Tee Up The Ball"

Don't even think about taking another golf lesson... or... playing a single round before you read this...

This Is An Open Letter To Every Frustrated Golfer Who Wants The Simple Swing Secrets Of Golf's Greatest Ball-Striker

Now you can finally discover how to hit shot after shot as far as the eye can see... and as straight as you can point... with the consistent control, explosive power and pinpoint accuracy everyone promises to show you... but no one else teaches!

What I'm going to revel today is...

  • The ONE BIG power-destroying mistake that robs golfers of distance, causes hooks and slices, stresses the back and adds strokes to your game!
  • Why traditional golf instruction kills your natural ability to repeat an accurate swing more than once... and... the easiest way to hit a golf ball straight guaranteed!
  • How to fix your swing starting today and begin... placing each shot dead-center down the fairway and greens... and enjoying the kind of consistent play most pros can't brag about!

Golf is hard... damn hard.

Just ask the One-million plus golfers who quit the game every year... and swear never to pick up a club again...

Let's face it: The typical "hacker" can't drop a stroke to save his life. Over the past 50-years, (half a century!) golf scores have not improved.

The average male golfer still shoots a pathetic 97.

(I'm talking 25 over par!)

Millions of dollars are spent on country club dues, magazine subscriptions, books, "fancy-schmancy" equipment and ultra-pricey golf instruction -- and yet...

Almost No One Seems To Get Any
Better At Golf

According to the USGA (United States Golf Association), golfers reach their potential in three years of playing.

Which means, the best golfers become scratch players in that time frame!

Then, it's all downhill from there. For most golfers (like 99.9%), the rest of their days are filled with agonizing frustration... and... a love/hate relationship with the game that haunts them for as long as they play.

However it doesn't have to be this way for... you!

Not at all. In fact, in a moment you'll discover simple swing secrets guaranteed to transform your game. So much so, it might be fun to play again. Or for the first time.

First, let's get this straight...

Golfers struggle for two main reasons: (1) They don't know how to hit the ball where they want... and... (2) They don't know how to fix flaws in their swing.

Think about it: If you knew -- really knew -- the proper mechanics of hitting a golf ball straight... then... your game would instantly get better.

The problem is...

You've Never Been Shown The Easiest Way To Swing A Golf Club

That's why your current swing drives you crazy.

Sometimes you hit the ball square.

Sometimes you don't.

Some rounds the ball has "eyes for the fairway."

Some rounds you're playing "military golf" (hitting it "left, right, left, right") and breaking the clubhouse windows...


... taking out the concession stand attendant.

You whiff... smack a "fade"... hook... slice... curse -- and get back at it again the next day.

Listen, golf does not have to be this hard. Really.

It can be a very simple game.

Once you learn the secrets I'm about to reveal your life will change forever. You will nail every shot consistently further and straighter down the fairway... onto the green... and in the cup.

Every... Single... Time!

If you're fed up with golf instruction that doesn't work... and... you're finally ready to discover...

What The Greatest Ball-Striker Who Ever Played Can Teach You About...

  • Driving a golf ball straight as an arrow up to an extra 25 to 50 yards from the tee box alone by unleashing the “cover-tearing” power hiding untapped in your body…
  • Placing all your shots anywhere you want with surgical precision and the kind of laser beam accuracy you only dreamed about before and…
  • Hitting fairways and greens with amazing machine-like consistency you can count on round after round…

... then this will be the most exciting webpage you will ever read!

Here's why...

My name is Todd Graves. I've been a pro golfer since 1991. For the first few years of my career (I played as a pro on the Asian Tour, Canadian PGA tour and US tours) I was hanging on by a thread.

I wanted to become a better ball-striker.


So I sought out the best golf instruction and teachers in the business -- guys like Hank Haney... Mac O'Grady... David Ledbetter. After three-and-a-half years of dedicated training I was worse than when I started.

What else could I do to improve?

I was obsessed and working like a maniac.

Hitting 1,000 balls a day until the sun went down. Spending a fortune on world-class teachers. (No one... and I mean no one... has shelled out more money on golf instruction than me.)

Devoting all my waking hours to taking my game to the next level.

But nothing... nothing at all... seemed to work.

As a matter of fact... after all the top-notch training... I got worse!

So I up and quit.

Believe me, at this point in my career I had studied with the best. Worked my fingers to the bone. Still, my game kept tanking and I was at my wit's end.

If you've ever felt like screaming...

"I wanna quit this damn game... but...
I love playing too much."

You're not alone.

I know how you feel and so do most golfers -- from the "Hollywood Handicappers"... to the cocky young amateur hot shots... to grizzled pros... who all suffer from inconsistent swings that drive them nuts too.

Hey, I felt the same way myself. 

Until that fateful day in late 1994 when I met a "mysterious" Canadian golfer.

PGA pros, media insiders and golf teachers world-wide revered him as a legend of the game.

His name was Murray Irwin Norman.

But everyone called him "Moe." He was an eccentric character many described as a golf-savant. A real genius at hitting the ball straight shot after shot.

After years of see-saw playing, I finally found...

The Secret Of The
Perfect Natural Golf Swing

Thanks to Moe Norman.

Here's what happened...

Moe took me under his wing. He taught me something amazing about hitting a golf ball. He revealed the answer to the most important question any golfer can ask...

"What is the least complicated way to hit a ball on the ground with a stick?"

Seems like an obvious question.

But the answer... aaahhh the answer... is the key to golf heaven. Once you know it, launching breathtaking monster drives is a piece of cake.

You can place shots exactly where you want -- and repeat the same smooth, flowing swing over and over again... shot after gorgeous shot... and round after round.

I know that sounds a bit over the top. But it's the truth and I'll prove it by revealing to you the same swing secrets Moe shared with me.

Which were so incredibly powerful, my game went from the gutter to the big time...

I uncorked new power that had been trapped inside my body and began muscling 275-plus-yard drives effortlessly!(Man, it felt so good to hear that "clink!" sound when the club head smashed the ball... and... I knew another long shot off the tee was sailing straight and true down the length of the fairway!)

And... my new swing consistently let me play rounds where I hit almost all fairways and greens in regulation! (Like a sniper, I could count on a "spooky" accuracy where I practically never missed ... even when... I had an "off" day!)

Plus... I knocked a pile of strokes off my score and became a true "plus handicap" player! (Got to the point where I shot numerous under par rounds in tournaments too -- including a 66 in the Oklahoma Open... and a 67 in the Colorado Open!)

Before I met Moe, I couldn't hit the ball where I wanted. At least not consistently. Nor did I have a clue how to fix my swing.

After Moe set me straight, I got excited about golf again. I mastered his swing and haven't looked back since.

You see, golf professionals all over the world were in awe of Moe's uncanny ability to...

Hit A Golf Ball Straight
Every Single Time

World-class PGA pros like Tiger WoodsLee Trevino and Vijay Singh admit he was a genius on the golf course.

Through five years of trial and error (between the ages of 14 and 19) Moe developed his unique swing.

He discovered the simplest way to hit a golf ball.

Completely self-taught!

How good was Moe Norman?

I'm glad you asked. Because many insiders believe Moe was the best kept secret in the golf world. Perhaps because he dominated Canadian golf and only had a brief stint in the U.S. PGA.

Moe played like a virtuoso on the links.

In his career, he sank 17 holes-in-one... boasted three scores of 59... four scores of 61... nine double eagles... and... set over 30 course records.

According to sources, the PGA didn't like Moe's antics. He was bigger-than-life and acted that way. Sometimes during tournaments, he'd hit drivers off 6-inch tees and soda bottles.

For "kicks", he'd play par 4 holes backward. Hitting a wedge off the tee and a driver onto the green... and... still make par or better.

Moe's gags got him into hot water with some members of the tour.

The "stuffed-shirts" didn't like Moe's ways. He cramped their style. They let him know how they felt. After the confrontation, the unusually shy and rather reclusive Moe, left the PGA and never played in the U.S. competitively again.

The most important reason for his success was his legendary consistent accuracy.

For example, during one of his clinics, Moe hit 1,540 drivers in a little over 7 hours. The balls landed within 15 yards of each other. Simply amazing!

Even more amazing is the fact any golfer... and I mean any golfer... can learn...

Moe Norman's Single Plane Golf Swing
The Easiest Way To Hit A Golf Ball

How do I know?

Because I learned it after years of using traditional swings. And I've taught the "Single Plane Golf Swing" to over 95,754 students at our Academy.

Students who were "brainwashed" by the industry into believing traditional swing methods were the only way to go.

Students who wanted a better way to play the game and have some fun for once.

Students who cast their doubts aside just for a bit and took a chance on learning the simplest swing you'll ever come across.

And now they thank me for it.

Let me tell you why this swing makes playing golf a sheer joy...

Simplifies Ball-Striking

Look, hitting a golf ball better is about returning the club to impact with the least amount of moving effort. This is crucial to understand.

Unlike traditional swings, the Single Plane Swing starts in the same position as the shaft ends up at impact.

Which means, less moving parts to the swing.

The mechanics are easier to learn and repeat. Thereby simplifying ball-striking for anyone.

Allows The Body To Stabilize And Lets Your Arms Explode At Impact For Mega-Distance

One of the exciting benefits of this swing is all the new power you'll generate.

By keeping your club and body on plane you load the down stroke with explosive power.

The follow through blasts the ball into the air for near-perfect shots from the tee box or the fairway.

You'll love all the extra yards this simplified swing gives you.

Automatically Puts You In The Correct
Position To Hit The Ball Straight

Straight towering shots are the hallmark of great golfers.

The Single Plane Swing practically guarantees you strike the ball with precision. Because you start the swing at the point of impact!

This simple shift in body and club positioning keeps the ball on target. Right from the start of the swing. You can't screw up. Because the swing does not start at one point and end up at another. That extra action is what throws the club head off course.

With the Single Plane Swing, the club head finishes where it started!

Reduces Stress On The Back,
Elbows And Body

The Single Plane Golf Swing maintains the club shaft and spine/intersect from address to impact. Allowing for a smooth-as-silk swing motion.

The amount of upward motion of the spine is reduced.

Minimizing the stress on the spine and overall stress on the body. The ripple effect also reduces the movement of the body and results in more consistency.

Generates Maximum Efficiency
From Each Swing

Efficiency comes from getting more out of less.

The Single Plane Swing requires less rotation of the body... and... less upward compression of the back. In other words, less stressful body movement.

Due to superior bio-mechanics, it produces increased power and force... but... with lower energy output. (Perfect for older golfers who need to conserve energy.)

Which leads me to...

The One Big Power-Sapping Mistake
Robbing Golfers
Of Distance, Control And Accuracy

Conventional swing methods throw everything off.

You're taught to address the ball with arms hanging straight down below the shoulders. This position creates a two plane effect. So what? Well, the two plane effect is the whole problem. Because the swing starts at one point and ends up who knows where.

The "hanging arms" position at address: increases the upward motion of the spine... increases stress on the spine... and... increases body movement.

All the extra wasted movement causes inconsistency in your swing.

The complicated mechanics of conventional swings take timing and skill. And it takes a toll on your back, elbows and body. Now you know why you can't hit the ball straight.

Doesn't it make more sense to start the swing at the point of impact?

Of course, it does... and... that leads me to...

Why Traditional Golf Instruction
Kills Your Game

People hate admitting they're wrong.

The "hanging arms" address is a tenant of golf instruction. Thousands of articles, videos and live instruction time focus on teaching this method. Golf instructors pound the two plane address position as a gospel of golf.

They won't soon change their tune.

So you won't see the proven swing technique Moe perfected anywhere else.

In one sense, it's a darn shame. In another, it's a good thing for those few golfers who learn this secret to bigger drives and more accurate shots.

Now, it's up to you.

Maybe you like the frustration of inconsistent play. Maybe you'd prefer to keep struggling instead of having fun on the links. Your choice.

Then again... maybe you want to play better golf. With less stress and friction on your body. And get a lot more enjoyment from the game.

If so, then you'll want to know...

How To Fix Your Swing Starting Today
And Enjoy The Kind Of Consistent Golf
Most Pros Can't Brag About

Only two people know the Single Plane Golf Swing inside and out.

One is Moe Norman.

Unfortunately, Moe left us on September 4, 2004 at the age of 74. He lived a long and storied life and left a golf legacy behind.

He also entrusted me with teaching his methods.

In April of 1996 when asked if I could teach people his swing, Moe replied...

"Certainly. He's (Todd Graves) the only one who knows it.
Really knows is. Other guys just think they do."

That's the highest compliment and honor anyone can pay me. And I take my "mission" to teach Moe's Single Plane Golf Swing seriously.

Very seriously.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because until recently learning this swing was rather expensive.

Your choice was either to attend one of our golf camps. The fee for one of these events starts at $500 a day.

So I came up with a way for golfers who can't attend a golf camp... to learn Moe's single plane swing at home...

Introducing The Single Plane
Online Academy

For past 15 years, my brother Tim and I have trained over 95,754 golfers thru our Single Plane Training Courses.

Golfers who view this instruction are students of the Single Plane Academy.

Tim and I set it up for two main reasons...

REASON #1: To provide a continuous and updated collection of the latest cutting-edge training, feedback and instruction for mastering Moe Norman's "Feeling Of Greatness" golf swing.


REASON #2: To provide a growing community for single plane golfers who want to share and inspire each other to take their golf game to its highest potential.

Our mission is to teach Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing and help both recreational and competitive golfers improve their game to the highest levels

This training has allowed thousands of golfers to reinvigorate their love of playing the game of golf.

You get the secrets of hitting the ball perfectly time after time. 

This just might be the last golf resource you'll ever need...

At least, as far as your swing is concerned.

Every day, I help my students achieve amazing results from the Single Plane Golf Swing.

And that's EXACTLY what I’d like to do for you too…

Here's What You Get When You Become A Student Of Our Single Plane Academy

Access to our premier training course​:
The Single Plane Solution

I show you every detail of mastering Moe’s Single Plane Golf Swing.

I teach you exactly what Moe taught me! Nothing left back. Just step-by-step in-depth instruction so you learn to swing like Moe — Golf’s Greatest Ball-Striker!

You’re introduced to the ULFT™ Method of learning golf.  Graves Golf pioneered this proprietary process. In my humble opinion, it’s the easiest and fastest way to learn new golf skills regardless of age or physical condition.

No matter how long you’ve used a conventional swing… in a matter of hours… you can infuse new skills and techniques into your brain and body by following the ULFT™ Method.

I’m going to cover all the bases of playing the best golf of your life.

Giving you the extra edge to conquer any course. By the time you finish watching these videos you’ll become fearless on the links.

With the confidence of a seasoned golf pro who’s seen it all.

Take a look at all the extras you get… if… you act fast…

In addition, as an Academy Student you get access to...

The Short Game Solution

After all, you earn respect at the tee box… but… you win games on the greens. That’s why I included this essential video.

You’ll discover chipping, pitching and putting secrets proven to shave strokes off your game.

And the crucial skills necessary to becoming a… scratch golfer!

Don’t laugh. You can do it by applying Moe Norman’s swing secrets… combined withthe short game techniques taught in this video.

But That's Not ALL...

The Moe Norman Notebook

I studied with Moe Norman for 11 years to learn and master his unique swing. 

And while you no longer have that option, I've spend the last 15 years compiling every scrap of video footage of Moe Norman I could find.

With the Moe Norman Notebook, I've collected some of the most eye-opening video of Moe explaining and demonstrating his swing. This course normally sells for $127...

You'll get immediate access to this rare video as an academy member.

Plus, When You Become A Single Plane Academy Student Today

I'm Also Adding:

  1. Single Plane Academy Students-Only Facebook Group With Access To The Graves Golf Faculty & Other Single Plane Students ($30/month value)
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The Best Value In Golf Today

How much would you expect to pay for all this?

Well, think of it this way: Private coaching with me ran $1,750 (when it was available). 

You get the same basic instruction for a fraction of the cost including…

  • The Single Plane Solution Course. Where you learn the simple swing secrets of Moe Norman, Golf’s Greatest Ball-Striker!
  • The Short Game Solution Course  on how to sharpen your pitching, chipping, putting, and bunker skills and start knocking those snowmen off your card for good…
  • The Moe Norman Notebook Course – The ultimate Moe Norman resource of rare clinic footage of the World's Greatest Ball Striker in action
  • Plus –  Members Only Facebook Group ($30/month Value), $20 Credit Back each month Toward Your Next School, Access To Private Workshops + Q&A ($97/month Value), Access To Hundreds of Hours of Training ($200+/month Value), Special Pricing & Access To Callaway & GGA Specials ($20+/month Value)

Because I decided to make this video package affordable for any golfer.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars you get to test-drive everything for just… $47 today.

Enrollment in the Academy will automatically renew after 30 Days at a reduced rate of just $54  a month (normally $69).

Plus, as an added bonus for giving the Single Plane Swing a try... I'll ship you a copy of the Single Plane Solution & Short Game Solution DVD’s to your door FOR FREE.

If for some reason you decide not to continue as a student of the academy for any reason, you can keep your DVD's as our compliments for giving the swing an honest try. 

Get Access to
The Ultimate Single Plane Swing Training!

Just $47 Today

Still undecided? Take a look at what other golfers just like you are already saying about Moe Norman’s “Single Plane Swing” and THEN try it for yourself:

Just imagine owning your swing.

Confidently striding to the tee box knowing it's gonna be another beauty.

Squinting as the ball sails straight so far down the fairway you'll need binoculars to follow it.

That's what Moe Norman called... The Feeling Of Greatness!

It's yours for the taking so go ahead and get it now...

Get Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing For Yourself!

Buy the way, as a "Gold Level" student of the academy you are also entitled to private coaching from the Graves Golf staff... so when you have any questions or would like one of us to take a look at your golf swing for any reason, I'll give you a private phone number you can call or text anytime!

Okay, the ball's in your court.

This is your chance to access...

... the ONLY training to teach you the legendary golf swing of Moe Norman... The Single Plane Swing!

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The choice is simple...

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